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'Lives Hang in the Balance': 21 Days Before Midterms, McConnell Admits GOP Still Salivating to Gut Medicare and Social Security


'Lives Hang in the Balance': 21 Days Before Midterms, McConnell Admits GOP Still Salivating to Gut Medicare and Social Security

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Openly confirming that it has been the GOP's plan all along to ram through deficit-exploding tax cuts for the rich and then gut crucial safety net programs to pay for the difference, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday falsely blamed America's soaring deficit on "entitlements"—the scare word Republicans use in place of Medica


NOW IF BS and other lib/progs make it a central part of their program to take the cap off wages subject to SS taxes (while graduating the tax), tax ALL income and guarantee real COLAs, there will be more than enough money to provide a decent SS income to everybody who is eligible and contribute to Medicare, which unlike Social Security, is financially unstable.

Social programs require taxes. Dims, including lib/progs, need to be honest about that. The good news is that by progressively graduating income and wealth taxes, cutting the military budget by half to start with and eliminating regressive taxes, the world’s largest economy can create a financial paradise with almost no pain to the 99%. As for the 1%, that’s where the money is. Simple math. Nearly impossible politics.


GOP, Gut Other People.


My understanding is that Social Security and Medicare are financed through a separate tax that US Citizens paid on each pay cheque. As such It can not be called an entitlement anymore then withdrawing money from a savings account an entitlement.

If the US Government felt it ENTITLED to spend these monies on weapons of war and tax cuts to the rich then it is THEM taking advantage of “entitlements”.


L’horreur du jour…sigh.


If the “opposition party” (joke) would use that line in their efforts to convince congress, mass media and the general public would it make a difference. More massive effort need to be forced to educate voters against the idea that the social safety services are effective, practical, life saving and financially sound if managed correctly.


God I hate this man. You would think that his false reasoning, his lies would be used against him by the other members of congress who seem to be missing in action. Where is the pushback other than Mr Sanders? Will the merican people stand up and vote against the liars/createns?

I am very tired of this circus of fear about losing my Social Security Benefits.


So it is hard to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid because those programs are popular. Popular. As in what the people want. Mitch thinks it is difficult to refuse the public what they want. In a democracy. I don’t think he understands what a Senator is supposed to be.


There are two Americas. Why old Horse manure from Kentucky is still in power is a mystery to me, but then I listened to one of his constituents on an NPR call in, OMG, I got it.


Is the GOP trying to lose this election? Don’t they know most everyone either pays into SS and Medicare or currently is being paid through one or both programs? Are they simply relying on their base to be so brainwashed that they won’t see the utter callousness of their intentions and actions? I am at a loss.


What exactly do these GOP idiots expect the elderly to live on? I agree that there are some who take advantage of the system. But to throw the whole system out?! Just so these money hungry war mongers can have more? Come on!


If these cuts are actually attempted, they will be small enough to lull the people into accepting them as a saving grace to the people adamant about keeping the program alive.
Probably would not affect anyone over the age of, say 40 or fifty years of age.

Anything worse than that would see local SSI offices burned to the ground.


The “opposition” party and leaders stand in stark contrast to McConnel’s (and Grassley, et al) openly stated stand and plan to harm millions while they serve the worst of America…the DINO Quisling sellouts are complicit and craven in their silence and an utterly weak ineffectual “opposition” - they are actually complicit to the R’Con destruction of what little the people have gotten for lifetimes of fighting the pig - silence IS complicity!

The sooner the pathetic Chuck Schumer and Pelosi are retired and thrown onto the dungheap of history the better!..we cannot take any more of their brand of lap-dog faux “opposition”!


This is troubling. For McConnell to make this statement this close to the midterm election, with many races up for grabs, makes me think the election fix is in. They believe they have no chance of losing control. I don’t know what they’ve done, but it’s obvious they have great confidence in what ever it is.


They all strive to be part of the 1%, and don’t give a dam about anyone else.


We are all participating in our own oppression. That has to change before anything else can change…


I don’t believe most Republicans want this.

Call out the sociopaths here - Charles and David Koch. They have over 24 Koch employees in the Trump Administration. They’ve sent out notices to senators telling them to vote their way or there will be retribution.

Call the oligarchs by name - Charles and David Koch - Libertarians who are anti all taxes. They will kill your parents and bankrupt you by taking away medicare and social security. Trump is their peon servant.

We’ve all paid into Social Security and Medicare our entire work lives. They’re stealing it from us.


Tom, any chance you can turn your excellent points into a letter to the editor in Ohio??

I am working on the obtuse elderly where I live. One thing I am discovering is that the difference between ignorance and stupidity is that stupidity insists on itself in spite of its ignorance.


Absolutely. I think I will write a letter to the editor and not only make your point but that to pay for their tax cuts their salaries be immediately reduced to the federal minimum wage the GOP loves so much and not the $15 per hr.


Not that it will help, but you are not alone. Mary, please consider writing a letter to the editor of main papers where you live. Make the point you make and fight back!

While you are at it, here is that odious man’s phone number in D.C.

Phone: (202) 224-2541