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Living Beyond the 'Folded Lie': On Life Before and After Collapse


Living Beyond the 'Folded Lie': On Life Before and After Collapse

Phil Rockstroh

Wall Street is again flush with the electronic facsimile of the stuff once known as money. But this is a Botox Recovery: A superficial procedure, accomplished with a nerve paralyzing poison, reserved for the wealthy whose vanity has driven them to transform their faces into caricatures of corruption…to acquiring a countenance, frozen as a creepy doll, incapable of showing emotion -- a grotesque simulacrum of the human face.


Gee, another article confirming what I already know:

  • I live in a shitty world, and
  • I live under oppressive and exploitative conditions.

Now for the really good news:

  • Change from those conditions are not within sight.

The Remedy

  • Suck it up and learn to live with it as best as you can.

I’m sorry, but I don’t need to be told day-after-day about the grim state of things. I, and most other people, live it … every single day. What we need, instead of being force-fed one obvious analysis after another are messages offering hope and providing possible solutions.

When I’m done reading an article, I would prefer feeling optimistic and motivated to bring about solutions. Anyone can present a message filled with negativity. After all, it’s the natural state we live under and, as such, requires no special talent or skill.

I ran across an article today that offers plenty of hope and possible solutions. For those looking for a positive message from a young person who is part of a movement who are committed to “looking outside the box” for solutions to society’s ill, I recommend the article below.

Note: The article’s content covers far more than the title indicates.

Goodbye Democracy and Capitalism