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Living in Poverty Amid Affluence


Living in Poverty Amid Affluence

Andrea Fuller

As income inequality grows among Americans, so does the tension it fuels.

As one of millions in this country struggling to make ends meet, I am weary of inequality and poverty—not only from my own personal hardship and the financial hurdles that exhaust me each day, but also because of the differences in treatment I experience compared to the more affluent.


As the fake money flotsam floats at the top, the rents are the most egregious rise in the past ten years. Despite the crash of 2008 and millions out of jobs, rents have doubled or worse in most metropolis areas.

But government benefits have stayed the same.

This article really hits home for me, as I was in Vail with astronomical rents when I got laid off in 2008.
There is so much I want to expand on but @work!:confounded:


Wages and "government benefits have stayed the same" because the formula for calculating the rate of inflation and consumer price index (CPI) has been rigged for more than three decades to understate the rate of inflation.
After Republican Ford and Democrat Carter lost elections (in 1976 and 1980 respectively), both in part due to being blamed for high inflation, both Parties agreed to revise the way inflation and the CPI is calculated.
This has prevented either party from being blamed for high inflation, and has put downward pressure on wages and benefits.


Denver doesn't hold a candle to San Francisco. Yes, right here in left-coast city, the poor and the rich ARE on each other's doorsteps or, more precisely, the poor are on the doorsteps of the rich, the poor lacking doorsteps of their own.

I grew up in SF and manage to continue living here because I inherited the house. But I've watched as the divide between rich and poor has reached obscene levels. There are plenty of statistics to quantify the division. The Census has computed SF's Gini Index as > 0.5, the most extreme of any California county, and more extreme than most 3rd world countries. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_income_equality)

Even the stodgy SF Chronicle had an article that the middle class is now a minority in SF. In 2005-09 only 11% of San Francisco households earned $150,000 or more. In 2010-14 that had grown to 32%. This is a huge increase, even accounting for inflation. Meanwhile, the % living in poverty grew from 11.5% in 2009 to 13.3% in 2014.(http://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/S-F-s-vanishing-middle-class-Dramatic-growth-6679627.php?t=39b2d80ea3&cmpid=twitter-premium)

When I walk the streets, half the people are obliviously talking into their cell phones, the other half are obliviously talking to themselves. The clash between the truly privileged and the truly destitute is painful to anyone who hasn't lost their humanity. Fortunately for most San Franciscans, I think they already have.


Does rent figure into their equations?
Or is that too abstract an indicator?


Components of the CPI are calculated (and I am not making this up) using indexes, sub indexes and sub-sub indexes, creating a text book example of profit via complexity, the profit not going to wage earners or beneficiaries. Yes, ambiguous and abstract are terms that come to mind.


Thank you very much, Ms. Fuller, for writing this article. The "why" of mental illness, violence and other evidences of desperation need to be explained this vividly and clearly much more often, so that people who are more comfortable (forget the super-wealthy) can understand the connections. It's this bigger picture, so evident to me in the amount of support for Donald Trump, that makes me a confirmed supporter of Bernie Sanders. He's always grasped the big picture, and I imagine he decided to undertake the grueling campaign for President because he sees time running out for this country to deal with it before the nation's fractures turn into chaos.


Living in Poverty Amid (Affluence).. Big Government Spending on Weaponry amongst other things & Corporate Welfare.

Poverty is Blamed Upon the Impoverished......Oh..what about the Big Box Corporate Stores who decimate local businesses..and generate the mini-wage jobs.
Oh what about a government who spends Trillions upon Trillions upon both Overt Wars and Black Box wars....oh where are those dollars...?....to generate not only poverty at home, but also poverty abroad upon the villages that are decimated......OH and the poverty that goes on.....the end result of a two-class system in the works for uber ultra wealthy America and the rising poverty class.....
A rising Tsunami that raises all boats of poverty.