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Living In the Real World (Which Sucks) and Looking In Your Kids' Eyes


Living In the Real World (Which Sucks) and Looking In Your Kids' Eyes

Last night's DNC was tough to watch: The parade of "progressives" caving to big-money, war-mongering centrism, the furious and weeping supporters, the mensch himself nodding to the fraud and lies and scorn that came before to sorrowfully note, "Brothers and sisters, we live in the real world." Bernie's political revolution, he insists, will go on. The extraordinary, impassioned, unending applause that greeted him help make it seem so. Hope against hope.


Oh for goodness sakes--'He' hasn't 'sold' America's future to anyone! He goes on as a Senator, working for the values and changes he has been working for his whole life. His leadership was not chosen by the majority of the party he ran in. However, he (and we, his supporters) have succeeded in changing the public conversation (and aspects of the Dem platform) about race and policing/prison, income and poverty, climate change, higher education, even war and occupation (and Henry Kissinger's rep). And also forged the just case to let the 40% of voters who are unaffiliated with party have a vote on who runs in the primaries. Quite a bit of work!

I love him, as so many do. Bernie should not incur a single moment's wrath from us for acceding to the outcome of this Convention. His and our work goes on, demographics are changing, and the old entrenched white guys won't be around for long. I say, waste no time in rancor, just keep on keeping on.


At the very least, Sanders should have challenged the nomination due to DNC manipulation and credible reports of election fraud that are heading to court now. He has consistently out-polled Clinton against Trump and was the best bet to win this election. By caving in to either fear or intimidation, he's let us down, but has NOT swayed us from demanding real, substantial political change. Getting money out of politics is the first step in undoing the oligarchy. Vote Jill Stein!


Can we not accept the premise that Bernie may simply be more afraid of Trump becoming president than Hillary?


The heroes are the Bernie delegates; With integrity and courage they have not allowed business as usual for the DNC and HRC cabals. May they boo their voices out.


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Clinton and Wasserman struggling to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The kind of cynical lying and cheating angers even committed democrats and progressives. Is that kind of manipulation and deceit really"the real world." Hillary working for chiuldren and women's rights entitles her to such ruthless immorality? Bernie Fucking Sanders indeed. I already miss him.


People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage. John Galbraith (1908 -)


I agree Kathryn. Bernie Sanders has been and continues to be just as progressive as he ever was. He just didn't quite have the votes in the Democratic nomination fight - but he gained much in trying. There was no fraud causing his defeat - just the usual thumb on the scales that he knew he would be dealing with from day one.
A real movement is a continuous and building thing; not a once-every-four-years ordeal of hero worship.


When a loved one goes where we cannot follow we mourn their loss, go through the travails of grief, and move on.

Stein 2016


That is, unless they are brown women and children in other countries, then they have the right to be murdered for Empire, just like any man.


Oh you are damn right about that. What about Palestinian women and children, just for starters? Remember, Hillary has promised to host Netanyahu at the White House as one of her very first acts.

If either Clinton or Trump wins this election, I honestly don't care which one it is. They are both wicked as hell in my sight and I will not punch a button for either. I have my conscience to consider, and it will not allow me to choose one of them over the other. Of course, the Diebold voting machine in my state will likely flip my vote for Jill Stein to one or the other of the two primary corrupt candidates, but that will be on someone else's conscience, not mine. It's simply time to refuse to engage the evil charade that has gone on far too long. If enough people refuse to engage it, something will begin to change. We are where we are now partly because that has not happened yet. Time after time, good, progressive people fall for the false, lesser-evil narrative that is based in debilitating fear.

NOW is the time! Bernie Sanders has awakened us by the millions, brought us together and allowed us to see that we all exist and CARE about the future--something for which we should all be incredibly grateful. Let's not squander this moment! I don't know exactly what the path is, but we can find it!

Even though many of us began to dare to hope it was possible to elect him in spite of knowing that, in the current system, corruption usually rules the day, and in spite of our disappointment in whatever Sanders feels the need to do and say at this juncture, we can move forward with or without him as the president.

Onward, folks! IT IS TIME to help a new reality evolve! And, I believe, Sanders will be on our team. He's in a tough spot right now. But we all know that if he had chosen to run as an independent candidate instead of as a Democrat, he and the issues he has raised would have gotten ZERO. ATTENTION. I suspect it was an enormous sacrifice for him to make the choice he did to run within the Democratic party which he had NEVER been comfortable with, and some of what he is having to sacrifice is on ugly display right now. Unless he were to win, inherent in that decision was the risk of having to compromise his integrity/desires at this juncture. And what has gone on behind closed doors is something we will never know. What we do know is that in this position, he's "damned if he does and damned if he doesn't" endorse Hillary Clinton. I will not malign him for making the choice he did, even in light of the sickening consequences of this moment, because I believe the various kinds of awareness he has raised serves the greater, long term good, and will be an enduring and important benefit.

Bernie, my hat's off to you. I thank you for your enormous sacrifices of all kinds over these last 14 months and many years before. Go home, cry, yell, throw up, take a vacation, and then get back to where your heart lies. Most of us will be carrying on and happy to have you rejoin us! Just don't waste a whole lot of time campaigning for Hillary. It's not going to do any good!!


Whether we like it or not, the US political system is a duo-poly, and neither major party is likely to want to change the rules that dictates that, because they benefit the most from it. Thus, there is only two ways forward for a peaceful political revolution: a 'take-over' of one of the two major parties, or a build-up of a third party to replace one of the two major parties.

The Democratic establishment has shown that they do not want to let in new ideas that may threaten their powers and the 'established order'. They certainly want your vote and your volunteering work, but please do not bring in new ideas! Or rather: it's ok to keep your ideas as long as it is a vision or a dream for something nice sometime far into the future - just don't expect it to happen in a foreseeable future. A revolution from within the Democratic party does not seem like an option, as this primary season has shown. There is just too much resistance and too much entrenched self-interest.

The other route is building up a third party to challenge the Democrats, which would normally take decades. The only 'unknown' in that process is what happens the moment a third party cuts significantly into the vote that the Democratic establishment view as 'rightfully theirs'. At first they will ridicule and attack these ideas and the parties that hold them, but in the end they will actively invite these ideas and even claim that they've always hold them - in order to co-opt and neutralize a challenge.

In both cases a third party is the better way forward - even if it may take decades - and much better than trying to reform the Democrats from within.


If Trump happens to win in November and Jill Stein did get a sizable vote that would have made a difference i the voters had voted for Clinton, then at least the Democratic establishment should have the decency not to blame green voters for not 'voting' for the 'viable' candidate ... not after they went all in for Clinton over Sanders, even if every poll showed that Sanders would do better against Trump.

But decency is probably too much to hope for.


You don't have to be black or brown. Remember that blond schoolteacher going to the front in eastern Ukraine with a military rifle? She knew who she was fighting; US funded neo-nazis.


I got about thirty minutes in and had to stop watching. Then wrote this... humor, but the truest things are often said in jest: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Jill-Stein-is-New-Presiden-by-Daniel-Geery-Jill-Stein-160725-96.html


We the people really are cosmic powered biology manifest as human and surfing big still banging at life speed.

Autonomous democracy nourished Bernie Sanders as a good candidate for president. He has also been a great teacher.

Jill may not be a stadium filling political rock star. Even so, let us be patient and see how she blooms if once again the green party candidate for president.


It's not true that there was no fraud, no crimes committed.

Your stated opinion provokes me to post this comment and reply again:

CranialRectalLoopback recently wrote: "there are no crimes to be prosecuted."

I replied:

I disagree with you emphatically!

The following serious crimes have been reported and are likely provable if legal officials would do their jobs:

1) Financial incentives (bribery) to state delegates and/or state officials/parties to endorse Hillary.
2) Collusion between DNC officials and the Hillary Machine to rig and/or steal the primary/elections.
3) DNC emails proving or strongly indicating #2 above.
4) Voter suppression and voter registrations tampering.
5) Votes stripped and flipped.
6) Big discrepancies between exit polls and vote results.
7) Huge discrepancies between the size of Bernie's and Hillary's rallies -- and vote results.
8) Bill Clinton repeatedly violating laws against electioneering at voting sites on election day.
9) Voting site volunteers being wrongfully told to give Independent voters Provisional Ballots (which are often not counted) instead of Crossover Ballots.
10) Voting sites in districts likely to vote for Bernie closed in massive numbers, in several states.

Also, search online to see other legal charges against the DNC in the class-action lawsuit filed in June 2016.


Change doesn't come from the Oval office. It doesn't come from con-gress (opposite of pro-gress). It comes from the street and the workplace; the mines and the fields and the concrete jungles. Washington has never been about change but mostly rape and murder and torture and war.


We know that the folks at the DNC worked behind the scenes to try and crush the Sanders candidacy. That's the "thumb-on-the-scales" I referred to in my post. But some here have alleged actual electoral fraud like changing votes cast and the like. There's no evidence of that. Bernie simply did not underperform the polls. This has been analyzed by those at 538 and others. Clinton was favored by African-American voters and older voters and that carried her through. Bernie had a more enthusiastic support and that benefited him greatly in the caucus states.

edited typo (I meant underperform not outperform regarding Sanders vote relative to polls)