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Living on a Pandemic Planet: The Ultimate Stress Test

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/13/living-pandemic-planet-ultimate-stress-test

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“That proved to be a monumental blunder” (Trump and the GOP ignoring credible warnings in January) lends credibility to and perpetuates the myth that corrupt corporations, their media and politicians are incompetent, when we have seen time and time again during the past four decades that they never let a crisis go to waste and therefore view crisis prevention as lost profit opportunities.

There have been no “blunders” or incompetence, just a half century systemic downgrading of the US into a third world nation where each crisis from 9-11 to the 2008 crash to this pandemic are exploited to further enrich the 1% and their corporations at the expense of the 99%.

While we view Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine as a warning, the 1% use it as a how-to manual.


Since I’m well and sheltering-in-place at home, my limited social contacts include clerks in the few establishments still open, primarily where food or other essential items are sold.

Yes, front line medical staff and first responders are certainly running increased risks of infection, but I make sure to thank those clerks for being there, for all of us, each time I check out.


Twumpie, his Cabinet, and the Republican Senators need to take the antimalarial drugs. At the level needed to check if the LD50 of those drugs has changed over the years.

Hopefully, I am mistaken, but it seems to me that we ought to assume that this is just getting started, and that no collective “ultimates” have been reached.

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perhaps there is some level of comic justice here - humans decimating the natural world so an animal-born disease starting to decimate us and maybe destroy our civilization, and, the US allowing a demented buffoon to be President then saddled with the most incompetent response in the world so getting the greatest number of deaths, its what we collectively voted for

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Pandemic or no, authoritarian government is not sustainable.

We’re also living on a climate catastrophe planet. Young people alive today are liable to starve to death because they (we) didn’t act promptly and in a manner similar to what the best states and countries did with the SARS-COV-2 virus.

Expect competent planning. Expect R&D to both be funded and scramble in a number of different directions. Expect to mobilize industry for rapid scaling up and roll-out of key products.

The Arctic meltdown is scheduled to be game over, 1000 ppm without us doing anything further to help it. We must mobilize to inhibit the Arctic meltdown as best we can while there is still a “we” to mobilize, or else. We don’t really want to be one giant suicide cult, which is the default option.

Impact of climate change on agriculture is likely to kill even more humans by starvation than impact of climate change on spread of tropical diseases.

And how long before we have a second wave and there could be Martial Law. We could very well see highway check points where the police and the National Guard ask: " WE NEED TO SEE DOCUMENTATION THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TESTED FOR COVID-19 PAPERS PLEASE"

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I understand that usually happens when empires fall.

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