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Living the High Life After Congress


Living the High Life After Congress

Michael Winship

As the latest chapter in the curious saga of Congressman Aaron “Fly Me” Schock recently came to an end, there was an unintentionally, darkly comic moment. It happened just after the Downton Abbey fanboy announced his resignation from the House of Representatives.

In an interview, his father, Dr. Richard Schock, told a Chicago TV station, “Ten years from now, whatever he’s doing, he’ll be successful at it. I promise you that. Two years from now, he’ll be successful… if he’s not in jail.”


This is one of those articles where the “They Rule” site can be fun and informative. Look up a company etc. (alphabetical list is extensive) and the networks of individuals and boards etc pops up in a mapping of connections.


Why do you think of Cantor’s very unexpected and strange defeat? I think he was pressured and/or bribed to accept a huge vote theft by Diebold to test news media and citizen credulity. He’s getting the reward now.