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Liz Cheney and Right-Wing Outrage Machine Lie About Rashida Tlaib's Comments. Corporate Media—and Trump—Do the Rest


Liz Cheney and Right-Wing Outrage Machine Lie About Rashida Tlaib's Comments. Corporate Media—and Trump—Do the Rest

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A measured and nuanced discussion of the Holocaust, Israel, and Palestinians was intentionally mischaracterized by right-wing media and politicians Sunday, leading to corporate media and the president amplifying dishonest attacks on one of the nation's only two Muslim Congresswomen.

"I will never allow you to take my words out of context to push your racist and hateful agenda" — Rep. Rashida Tlaib

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Scum likes to wallow in the dirt.

Something that Republicans have in common with scum.


Liz Cheney initiated - consider the source. One horribly behaving human being who had to move to Wyoming to get elected.


The republican party has been lying since Nixon and Reagan and just keep getting better at it as no one has ever held than accountable. Reagan and Bush for war crimes. Lies have gotten them where they were a few months ago owning the whole government.

Dems just cannot be that stupid to sit back on their hands? They have to be complicit.


Chump twit sez:
Can you imagine what would happen if I ever said what she said, and says?”

Actually, no … because that would represent you delivering a literate and reasoned statement. My imagination is not that vivid.


Why the fuck are Liz Cheney and Megan McCain even given a forum to blather their bullshit?! Oh, that’s right…corporate media love their sickening and despicable anti -“We the People” rants and drivel!!!


Let me up that just a bit, PB: Rethugs ARE SCUM! (Not to mention 90% of the damnocrats)


Liz Cheney whose Father was a Warmongering Bigot and responsible for the mass murder of thousands of innocent Iraqis is now following in his footsteps with lies and contemptuous behavior.

I have an idea for the phony idealistic Lizzie Borden. Why not sacrifice your home and property in Wyoming to World War 2 persecuted Jews? I am sure they would love to take over your land and make you a refugee.

If you are lucky once the Zionists build settlements on your property they will allow you pathetic living quarters and provide you with at least 2 hours of electricity every day.

And if you complain about your new living conditions they will slaughter you with American made Fighter Jets and Tanks.

It is ironic how these self righteous religious fanatics are unable to see the pain and suffering they caused the Palestinian people.

They have used the word Holocaust to silence anyone complaining about the barbaric treatment of the people they so shamefully displaced.


Corporate media give a forum to the likes of Liz Cheney because their class interests are the same. “Milionaires working for billionaires,” as a European economist characterized it to Tucker Carlson, whose head then exploded.


Tlaib and Omar have more guts than the entire d-party leadership combined. You guys saw this, right?:


If Biden wins the nomination , it will be people like this that will be described as “Centrists” in the next Election. The party is devolving more and more to the right and its tasked to the Gottheimers of the World to neutralize any seen as a threat to the policies of the right. The Republicans have all but taken over the Democratic party and this was WELCOMED by the Corporate wing of the Democratic party. This is the legacy of Bill Clinton.

Were a Franklin Roosevelt or a John F Kennedy to be running for the Democrats today they would be described as looney tune left wing Communists by others inside that party and by the Media.


you use sloppy syntax discussing highly emotional issues and bad faith s-bags exploit it. Foreseeable and a sign of poor judgement and leadership.


Hi politicscorner, Yes and remember too how VP Cheney , her own father, murdered so many with a phony war in Iraq. I suppose that she has profited much from the Halliburton money and Bush? Cheney WMD lies. The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree, does it.


While the GOP critic of Tlaib is unfair and hypocritical I will point out that she ignored that about 1/2 the Jews in Israel are refugees or descendants of refugees, not from the holocaust but from persecution in Arab countries such as Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, that drove them out and confiscated their property. I suspect they couldn’t imagine living in a “one state solution” as minorities, women, journalists etc in Arab lands never seem to have much of any rights.
The only way to solve the problem is for Palestinians to get their own state, but the only way to do this will require serious compromises on all sides and neither seems willing to do so at this point. Still there are people who are trying to promote compromise and reconciliation, and they are the ones to be admired.


Honestly, I think you insulting scum by linking it to the GOP.

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Sorry Speedbird,

Scum is scum, no matter how you say it.


GOOD GRIEF! According to Ryan Grim’s Intercerpt article, nominal Democrat Gottheimer

  • cultivates Wall Street openly

  • has close ties to the Israel lobby

  • was VP at the pro-Saudi consultancy Burson-Marsteller (whose rap sheet is lengthy) from 2006 to 2010

  • had a 2015 fundraiser hosted by Burson-Marsteller CEO Don Baer

  • was one of the top 20 biggest recipients of Saudi agent cash

  • undermined the congressional effort to stop U.S. support for the Saudi attack on Yemen

  • led the Democratic charge to have Ilhan Omar condemned

  • has a primary goal of breaking down Tlaib, Omar, and their allies on the left

And yet Ryan Grim calls him “a centrist proud of his centrism”. What would it take for Grim to out him as a right-winger? Even Rachel Maddow knows that “When evil needs public relations, evil has Burson-Marsteller on speed dial."

I like to think of The Intercept as clarifying progressive politics, not muddying our perception.


That Arabs drove Jews out of their countries in the post-war period is something of a canard, as illustrated in Kathy Wazana’s excellent documentary They Promised Us the Sea, about Moroccan Jews.

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Perhaps you need to adjust your view of the d-party. They’re pretty much a right-of-center group overall.


I will never flag anyone. Free speech is truth.