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Lobbying Spending in 2019 Nears All-Time High as Health Sector Smashes Records

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/25/lobbying-spending-2019-nears-all-time-high-health-sector-smashes-records

Meanwhile “health sector” lobbying spending in 2020 will dwarf 2019 as Medicare for All continues to gain traction.

And, as a double whammy, it’s tax deductible.

Sanders really has them scared. They can not win on the issues so decided to throw more money at it.

The best possible outcome? The more these lobbyists spend on a given candidate , the less well that candidate does.

The City Council in Seattle recently passed a law trying to get big money out of the voting process. In spite of the likes of Amazon spending millions to defeat the measure, Amazon lost. I think the people down there are getting fed up with the lobbyists.