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'Lobbyists Are Here. Goldman Sachs Is Here. Where's Labor?' Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez Pull Back Curtain on CEO-Heavy Freshman Orientation


Oops-- Alexandria, not Octavia.


Wow and behind the curtain-----not the Great Oz, but a bunch of wanna be emperors of corporate America----and they are trying to make obedient flying monkeys out of the new dems! Throw water on them , newbies-----melt those corrupted ideas away!


This is wonderful. Here’s a real history lesson; In the original revolutionary peace constitution of the united states, there were no honorable sirs or supreme justices. The revolutionary democrats of yore did not capitalize the name of the nation because they knew haughty blue-blood one percenters would seek to become titled royalty related by family line directly to Cosmos.


They are in the center of what exactly Lrx? Popular opinion on issues? Campaign cash and corruption? Their own rank and file on issues? Center of what? Or, is this code word for soulless, corrupt assholes who are fine with a corrupt, undemocratic and inequitable system like ours? LOL! You realize that you make this insanely tone deaf comment on a thread about corrupt, and are telling AOC to grow up and to realize “how the game is played”. She realizes how the game is played, and doesn’t like it. Neither do most Americans. They aren’t a parasite like you are and don’t benefit from that corruption.


Love You Cortez!


Rich People think they are high order gods who stand above all else. Fact is - all positive change in America, (Really! All of it!), has always come by increasing public demand, and almost always against violent opposition by the government and the rich. Cortez is exponentially more intelligent than any Sachs executive in history!


Buy the polluters out. All of them. They are panicked - humanity nows sees all the little piggies.

All the airlines, car makers, oil companies, coal and uranium mines, power and communications. This will be fun and fun is a valid goal in life. Way more valid than life-killing money.

Bring the army home and cancel the last tax law and others that reward corporate scale capitalism directly. Cancel all subsidies, even those you like.

We the people can afford it. Now go ahead and do it. Or else tell your children and grandchildren you do not care what happens to them. Tell them you like the monopoly game and don’t care what happens to your family.


The article states that the list of speakers lacked “anyone who could reasonably be considered a progressive.” I’d call Danielle Allen a progressive. She is a person of color, a Harvard professor who wrote an article in 2010 calling Obama to task because he hadn’t used his bully pulpit to set a progressive agenda https://democracyjournal.org/magazine/16/its-up-to-obama/ .



I’m wondering, at what point does AIPAC ask them to take cash in return for pledging fealty to the Israeli government; or, AIPAC will make certain they don’t get another term in office? I imagine this scene will take place soon?


The Politicians are all the same so why should they notice corruption? They cause it! The new breed of young Journalists are blind as Bats and couldn’t write a decent article if they tried. So here we have Cortez, who we are giving our full trust to. It remains to be seen what one young newbie will try to do and hopefully accomplish against every Congress member who will protect their lifestyle with each breath. Maybe she can use magic and turn them all into Rodents. That would work just fine.


I wish Alexandria & Rashida could sack Goldman Sachs & AIPAC. Most of the Dems & Repubs would call it a “Nightmare On Wall Street”.


Sadly, Lrx does know what’s coming. It’s even sadder that you don’t.

Postpone that hostile takeover, the Problem Solvers control the House.


There is no change possible from within a fully bribed and owned party. Pelosi, Hoyer, Neal, Schumer is really all you need to know to understand the truth of the Democrats.

Screw them before they get to screw us all anymore.

It’s way past time for DEXIT, the exiting of the Democratic party in search of representation for the People’s side.


I’m curious: Just what problems do you imagine these Problem Solvers are going to solve?


When the 1% tries to advance an agenda that only serves them, while defrauding the 99%, its impossible for them to win by popular vote, it is infinitely easier for such wealthy individuals as they to hire an entire opposition party that’s committed to losing, while at the same time rigging machines, gerrymandering, etc. That’s exactly where democrats fit in, and that’s why the status quo hates third party candidates, and acts to undermine people like Sanders. Organized crime has been fixing the fights for so long they’ve got it down to a science


Well, democracy is a problem, and the neoliberals haven’t been able to entirely destroy democracy. There are also problems, from their perspective, as to how to pretend to solve problems when they have no solutions. So, the problem is, I am paid to do particular things by my donors, I cannot be honest about that, and anything they would approve of would continue to make things worse for most people, our democracy, the environment and would be unpopular. So, what bullshit propaganda do I need to create to sell this garbage, cause not everyone out in peasant land is as intentionally naive as the Jake Tappers of the world. How do I continue to be corrupt and come up with shitty policies while trying to argue that I am the pragmatic adult in the room?



You want to be careful how you throw that word around. O’Bomba may come out of retirement simply to have her locked up out of habit.


Me thinks that +++ all positive changes in the history of the world required and still require the public fight for their rights against the rich and powerful now and always. This includes before and after feudal powers enslaving those without the power of wealth.


point taken…:slight_smile: