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'Lobbyists Are Here. Goldman Sachs Is Here. Where's Labor?' Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez Pull Back Curtain on CEO-Heavy Freshman Orientation


Yeah, democracy is a problem, alright.

But that problem goes much, much deeper than your comment suggests.

Democracy is a problem because modern humans have not, in fact, evolved sufficiently to make decisions that Truly serve all our relations, for the next seven generations.

Most modern humans are not even sincerely intereted in attempting to grow into the reality of our radical freedom—and radical responsibility.

Most modern humans don’t, in fact, really care enough to engage in such seemingly strenuous evolutionary effort.

Most modern humans prefer to act as if we are victims of circumstance, perennially trapped in some complex and seemingly sadistic game of chicken with Life and death!

How do I know this is so? By the BEHAVIOR of most modern humans.

Do we see modern humans devoting themselves to exploration of longstanding and yet immediately critical questions about our Nature, the Nature of this Life and of death?

No. Most modern humans choose to spend all their time and attention worshipping God Mind and God Money, as if these twinned false deities will surely save us from having to confront anything so immense and frightening while we enjoy our all-expenses-paid-by-others vacation on planet Earth!

We modern humans pride ourselves on being “smarter” than all the other animals, yet continuously choose to remain subject to the same basic drives as they: to secure to ourselves and whoever we consider to be “ours” whatever is needed for our immediate comfort, convenience, and physical survival.

We worship our own minds, yet have chosen NOT to use those prodigious minds to evolve the general capacity to sense into what our countless daily “I had to do this to survive!” choices mean for the rest of our relations. We have chosen NOT to use those magnificent minds to concentrate on directly perceiving how our choices may play out over significant periods of time, and to choose in a way that does not destroy the future of all beings here.

We have not yet evolved the capacity to evaluate and master our tool-making capacity.

For the most part, the attitude of modern humans toward technology remains that of slaves before their master: “Technology has a will of its own! We can’t control our relations with technology! If we humans can invent and deploy a technology, we surely shall! What else could we possibly do?”

Under these evolutionary conditions, “ democracy” can only lead to a race to the lowest common denominator.

Countless wise folk of diverse lineages have pointed to this inevitable feature of “democracy” when practiced by humans who refuse to recognize themselves…but modern folks have not listened. Preferring to believe that knowledge and wisdom are the same thing, modern people have blithely disregarded the sober counsel of the wise.

Modern people have instead behaved like adolescents on a bender: we want what we want, we want it now, and we won’t listen to anyone who says it might be better for us not to have it when and how we want it!

Modern people have almost universally refused to listen to the wise, still, small voice within us all that tells us that this behavior is dangerous, even suicidal…

Yeah, there’s a problem with democracy!

And we will never solve that problem while we can’t even acknowledge that it exists, or look into its True Nature.

So: as 2018 draws to a close, it looks to me like most “progressives” will go on partying at the apocalypse, sure that bright new young “leaders” like AOC will save us from the consequences of our individual and species’-wide actions.

Thanks for the invite, y’all! Thanks, but I won’t be joining you for your “New Year’s” party. Because it doesn’t look new to me at all. And it isn’t really fun.

That party looks to me like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, rather than picking up our capacity to create a totally different kind of vehicle.


Ethics over technology. I left engineering never to return after four years. It was just a simple well paid factory job, but ethics is just not taught to engineers. Ethics leadership in technology and general systems design is sorely lacking in the world.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…Mark Twain was correct!


Where’s labor? Where have these people been for the last 50 years? It seems every generation has to re-invent the wheel when it comes to political understanding: they don’t read labor history, let alone radical history. A situation very advantageous to the status quo.


It’s also the have-nots who make greatest change. FDR, although wealthy, was a physical “have-not” who understood what it was to be a second-class citizen… somewhat.

As a hard and fast rule: don’t vote for millionaires. They suffer from Affluenza, inflated ego, lack of empathy, superiority-complexes, and general corruption of ethics. They learn to love money MORE than they love humanity. Yes some love humanity; but, they prefer money and it shows.


In a way, there is a level of comedy to her situation. Someone like her that is untouched walks into this situation and sees everything as it really is must be breathtaking. For some wierd reason it reminds me of the pictures of hell drawn centuries ago of people disembowling or decapitating themselves. A pound of flesh kinda thing. It was to be a sobering event or even trully mind altering to see everything up close and personal. I wonder if it’s not only finding out, but trully knowing in an instant there is no God? Whatever religious beliefs she has must be altered by this point.


When "Cohn condescendingly told the freshman members, “You guys are way over your head, you don’t know how the game is played.” "; he probably meant, “You don’t realize just how corrupt and violent we are. We will do anything, and I mean anything, to stop you.We will not allow you to take power from us. God bless America.”


Right…the indoctrination talk. The entrenched forces, be they corporate, banker,wall street, AIPAC, the MICC arms industry, health-care industry and insurance pirates, or whoever, the newbies are subjected to propaganda, threats, shunning, and any rotten method to sideline them and their/our issues.

The DP has a strong indoctrination program and the “seniority” game, as well as the overt lobbyists and immense costs to run a re-election campaign…big-money subversion/corruption sanctified by the Supremes (Citizens United) that divert our elected officials from their responsibility to the People’s Business to raising the obscene money needed…from the usual self-interested corrupting sources that demand quid pro quo return for their “investment” …that corruption steals time and energy from the people to benefit the uber-wealthy, bankers, health care/insurance sector, and corporate thieves!!

As the honorable Senator Jay Billington Bulworth said: “Obscenity?/ I’m a Senator/ I gotta raise $10,000 a day (now much more) every day I’m in Washington/ I ain’t getting it in South Central/ I’m gettin it in Beverly Hills/ So I’m votin from them in the Senate the way they want me too”


Whatever problems their corporate masters tell them to solve.


“Power believes it has a great soul, and vast comprehension beyond the grasp of the weak; it believes it’s doing god’s work even as it breaks all his laws.”
–John Adams


How many of the newly elected politicians are going to get a “free” week vacation in Israel so they can receive their instructions?


By NOT taking PAC money for their campaigns, Alexandria and a few others do not YET have the corporate hooks into them. They are still ‘Free Agents’. They may be few in number, but having proved that their constituents will elect them, and re-elect them, because of, not in spite of their progressive positions, they have a firm foothold. They may not have the clout of Pelosi, but they most certainly have the attention of a large part of the electorate. As their willingness to out the false ‘bipartisanship’ of the system proves, they can open up the edifice for light to shine in. It’s a start, and I’ll take it.


Well, now you know how America really works!!


The “slaves” must not be allowed to speak back or defy the plantation owners.


The problem isn’t naivete but the “game” and that it is considered a game! This is why we need progressives with absolutely no further intention but waking up a rather sheep like and marginally involved population to the corruption of Trump’s new hot tub. New eyes with no political commitment but the truth is a shock to the moss backs of Washington. We need and must have as many of them as we can drag to a podium.
The very health of the planet depends on this.


I would likely take every penney offered then turn on the powerstructur like a cornered rat just to see what happens. That may seem a bit trumpish but it worked once, sorta.


And is exponentially more honest ! Love AOC!


Well said, thanks for your reply.


Not so much. I’m pretty sure that these progressive winning candidates have been approached while they were campaigning so it isn’t any more of a bewildering shock than all the other stuff piled on one with any introduction/indoctrination one would receive on the first day of a new job. The problem here is that the people running the show have no agenda but to insure that the newcomers accept the proviso that their future depends entirely on pleasing the power structure. That could weaken the knees of any unsuspecting virgin.


I sort of think every single person in the room knows exactly whats going on - Shes just the only one who isn’t endorsed. Once an individual crosses the line for the first time then it becomes easier for them to cross it again, and eventually the line fades until they can scarcely see it anymore. There is also an element of being able to talk about it which goes along with not being involved in the crime yourself. If your not involved then there’s no fear of your own guilt being revealed, and much less cost in testifying. I prefer to put this in legal terns because, make no mistake, this is organized crime.