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'Lobbyists Are Here. Goldman Sachs Is Here. Where's Labor?' Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez Pull Back Curtain on CEO-Heavy Freshman Orientation


In the mid seventies, the party of labor started to broaden their dependence on corporate money, labor lost their political representation, and was systemically destroyed by democrats and republicans. Now we start over but the reason is we continued to support democrats long after they turned traitor and became the undercover Republicans they are today. We should instead be supporting only politicians who represent us and labor, and in no circumstance should we support anyone else.


Somebody comes to your door and makes you an offer you can’t refuse—or as the cartels say, “Plata o plomo (do you want the silver or the lead)?”


As objectionable as his (gotta be a “he”) post was, LRX, unfortunately, is correct on this point. Nancy Pelosi is regarded as left-of-center among average Democrat House members, and an extremist leftist radical by the Republicans.

The election of the handful of reps like Occasio and Tlaiab are only a prelude to the beginning of the beginning of what we still need to accomplish.


“Plata” also the common informal term term for “money” in some Latin-American countries - at least it was when I was in Venezuela.



The “game” huh? More like “Game over!” - like they ended the game in 1789, 1917, and closer to home, New Years Day, 1959.


I would submit that what she is regarded as and what she actually is are two different things.


Not to put to fine a point on what is obvious to all actual progressives, but the day we allow the right wing religious fundamentalist extremist anti american terrorist supporting and organized crime affiliated republican fascist’s to tell us who.s progressive or not is the day they win and we lose.


So, this is how the sausage is made. If these young, progressive women only manage to survive two years in Congress before being crushed by the machine, let them spend that time on social media exposing the inner dysfunction of Washington. They understand that this is the crap that makes the populace, both right and left, feel angry and forgotten. Expose everything to the light including media’s collusion in the whole process. Go on Rachael Maddow and ask her, “Why haven’t you been reporting on this stuff?” This “orientation” has been going on since 1972 and has the MSM every reported on it? Keep poking the bear. I would also like to point out that AOC gives the credit for the idea of a public protestation of the event to Ayanna Pressley (D-MA-7th).


Ain’t that the truth! Yes, training in ethics and systems thinking has been generally insufficient, even in modernity’s most “elite” educational institutions.

Yet, having enjoyed the immense privilege of an education replete with training in both these areas, I recognize that while these may be necessary for our species to progress, they are utterly insufficient to resolve the crisis of consciousness—which is also the ecological crisis—that now presents itself to us.

I labored as a western holistic doctor for twenty years. Both systems thinking and ethical investigation were a part of that education. Allopathic medical education also features instruction in these areas, to a higher degree than most other professions require. But despite this richness, daily relations between doctors of all kinds and their patients are saturated with violence.

There are the Larry Nassers, of course—but I am not speaking only of such gross modes of violence.

Much more common within the fields of doctoring—one might even say ubiquitous—is spiritual, mental and emotional violence.

The denial of the Inner Physician within every human, the denial of the wild Creator who uses dis-ease and injury for their composition as surely as they use what we ordinarily call health and vigor. That is spiritual violence.

The denial that health and illness—like all of human experience and all of Life—regularly exceed the limits of rationality. The denial that navigating health and illness requires mastery not only within the rational, but also the infrarational and suprarational aspects of our being. The elevation of mental “experts” on health to positions of static social authority and wealth, from which they are empowered to denigrate other individual and cultural modes of knowing about health and dis-ease. Demanding that a person’s experience of health and illness conform to existing mental certainties—rather than demanding that mind constantly challenge and expand itself through immersion in the complexity of actual individual experience—all of these are forms of mental violence normalized within doctoring.

The denial that our emotional being and relating is critical to the overall health of human individuals, and to that of our species as a whole. The pretense that human health can be ameliorated within relations in which there is routine hostility and disrespect. The fiction that humans can be healthy while living a life that denies our needs for time to feel, work through our conflicts with one another, enjoy intimacy, rest, dream, create and play. The lie that health is, for us, an individual rather than a relational matter—all of these are forms of emotional violence normalized within doctoring.

Since all these—as well as many more gross forms of violence—saturate the practice of doctoring despite the intense and longstanding focus on ethics and systems thinking within this field of human endeavor, reason compels us to admit that these intellectual exercises are necessary but insufficient to meet our needs.

But though this conclusion is so logical as to be practically inescapable, most modern people will do anything and everything to avoid arriving at it!

For to acknowledge that the intellect—for both ethics and systems thinking are fruits of the intellect—is necessary but insufficient to enable us to overcome our species’ hideous habit of violence is to acknowledge that we are more than physical and mental beings.

To acknowledge that the intellect is necessary but insufficient to overcome our species’ violence addiction is to acknowledge that we are spiritual beings, with a life that embraces yet perpetually exceeds that of our physical and mental instruments.

To acknowledge that the intellect is necessary but insuffficient to overcome our individual and collective tendency to attempt to order Earthy life through the use of violent force, is to admit that there is no possible future for humanity here unless we acknowledge the fundamentally spiritual Nature of our being and doing.

And this the stubborn adolescent ego of modern humanity seems very disinclined to do!

Given that 1) we are in an unprecedented emergence/y here—an emergence/y that is both immediate and persistent, an emergence/y that touches every place, every Earthy being, and every aspect of our Iives, and
2) that we’ve already spent many generations educating at least our global elites in ethics and systems thinking, with no appreciable improvement, and indeed an arguable worsening, in our species’ propensity toward violence, I believe that intensive focus on spiritual Self-recognition has more to offer us now than more of what we have been doing.


OK, I hear what you are saying. I have seen it in the hospitals, too. And not just once. One doctor of a deathly ill relative of mine once told another, “Why are you doing this!” I was within earshot.
I knew what was meant. Thank you for your comments. Professionals, police yourselves. Everyone else, be on guard. Onward and upward.


R, I just think with a revolution, the same situation occurs. Society must continually police itself at all levels.


Updated Urban Dictionary–PUROTOPISTS: a term used by the Status Quoists, centrists, and those on the right to chastise and denigrate those who think democracy should work for the masses and not the elite. It is an empty form of attack propoganda used to divide the masses from demanding policy centered around their own interests, and used with the hope that the small elite can comfortably reside in their bubble and resist change.


Thank you freshmen. We love and appreciate you.


Let’s hope this group grows enough support to begin to force some of the corporate heads and their lobbyists back around corners and behind rocks where they belong instead of hovering over the halls of the legislators.


Harvard, Yale, Princeton et al are just as corrupt as our giant corporations and their sycophantic Ivy League politicians.


FDR didn’t make change. It was made for him by the Kingfishes and CPUSAs of the country. Rulers don’t change anything. Rulers are forced to change.


Lol, I hear that.


Gary Cohen, former CEO Goldman Sachs addressing new members of Congress today: “You guys are way over your head, you don’t know how the game is played.”

If that does not give you a chill, check for a heart beat. Oh, it’s a game , is it? If this blunder gets any exposure, I expect there will be some back paddling or maybe a denial. This coming from a guy who’s company has been sued many times by their own customers/clients.


Oh, like she talks about getting money out of politics and then accepts money from the most immoral corporations and polluters in the country?!?!?! If she is the future of the Democratic party, it’s all over folks.


I believe you are under the impression that Ms Pelosi is somewhere on the left? You are kidding right? She is a corporate democrat which means she is easily right of center. Some days that is far right of center.
But she may “evolve” in short order just to keep her ambitions on the table. Then she swings back. She is not the virgin in the brothel. I chuckle to myself when I think there is a 78 year old person who is sending out resume to apply for a six figure income job plus a jet. However, she has an amazing bosom for a woman her age.