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Local Councils are Starting to Tear Strips off TTIP


Local Councils are Starting to Tear Strips off TTIP

Kevin Smith

Politicians in both Brussels and Westminster have taken great pains to try and brush off people’s many concerns about the toxic trade deal being pushed through by the EU and the USA. But an exciting new front is emerging in the battle against TTIP, harnessing the energy of grassroots groups to push opposition to the corporate power grab up the political food chain via the power of local councils.


It wasn't until centuries later that those who inscribed the first myths were recognized as timeless storytellers: that their legends lived on.

I think George Lucas comes from that ilk... or visionary tradition. How could he have known that the ramshackle conglomerate he envisioned in Star Wars would hold a modern equivalent equally searching for ways to outsmart Darth and his militarized Death Star?

I've maintained for some time that Star Wars IS the myth that best captures our times. The trick is to recognize the truth behind its mythology before the final play-out.


this is the best news ive heard today.Bravo! Hurray! Y'all go on wit'your Bad selves! i especially loved the part about the ttip reps coming out of the meeting INTO A TTIP FREE ZONE. i love it.more power to you all.i hope we do the same with some TPP Free Zones in the u.s.a.


I would suggest that another of the 'tricks' is to recognize that one's own government may be the Empire and that it is not on the side of either the angels or the little guys.