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Local Gun Restrictions Could be Swept Away Under President-Elect Trump


Local Gun Restrictions Could be Swept Away Under President-Elect Trump

Nika Knight, staff writer

A right-wing Congress under President-elect Donald Trump will likely wipe out local gun restrictions in one fell swoop, gun control advocates warn.

Many Republican members of Congress have long sought to pass sweeping national right-to-carry legislation, to force "reciprocity" between states when it comes to right-to-carry legislation.


What's next? I heard anecdotally, that some in the Trump administration are advocating that all Muslims in America be required to wear electronic bracelets. I do not know if this is true or not, but nothing would surprise me!


In the days of yore, "the wild west" had relatively strict gun laws. In famous "gun fight at the OK Corral" was an attempt to disarm local ruffians - the (in)famous "Cowboy" gang, or "interest group". Most actual cowboys- real cattlemen - didn't carry guns very often. A loaded Colt .45 weighed too much, and tools or water were more important to a ranch hand. What we really need are thousands of rip-snortin' good 'ole boys and girls shootin' the place up on a Friday night. That'd really bust up the library, and prevent all of those overdue video games. Yee-haw!!


I know how you feel, I think; however, guns do not hold up to militarized police, national guard, Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and drones that can zero in on anyone's cell phone, laptop or residence. It is a pipe dream to think one is safer against the government just because of a gun(s).

A gun is a powerful against the US government, as those pails of water
in the hands of a protester were against a Chinese tank in Tienanmen square (where is that dude now?)

The father at Ruby Ridge had guns. Koresh had a ton of guns, but did not work out so well.

Well that opinion of mine is on the one hand. But since people have been murdered by police because they were holding threatening objects, like a bong, toy gun (12 year old), or I am certain even rubber bands somewhere, I want to say arm yourselves and take your chances. Good luck with that.

Just owning your gun increases ones chance of being killed by one, significantly. But if this passes I will probably have to own one, or never leave the house, because I live in gun country.


You are absolutely right. In fact, armed men riding into town, were often instructed to give guns up to sheriff until leaving town. Pretty severe gun control. That is not open carry.

The romanticism of the west, is as true as that of the 1950's



You are correct, our next Attorney General. Welcome also to an escalation of drug war as well, which is already on steroids.


Excellent comment! There was quite a difference in how the 2 different groups of protestors were treated/ are being treated. I grew up around guns, but my father taught my brother and me how to use them, and not be afraid of them, but have a healthy respect for the damage they can do. I don't particularly like guns, but I'll nevr forget what my dad always said: "It's better to have one and not need it, than need one and not have it." And ya gotta wonder what will happen when a would-be criminal starts to consider that whatever crime he commits, wherever he commits it, there's a good possiblilty that 1 or more law-abiding citizens might have a gun that they could use to 'off' him -- might make him rethink shooting someone just b/c he can ...


There over 300 million guns distributed among the population in the USA. How effective were/are those "restrictions" ?

Gun laws and restrictions against the same do not begin to address the reasons people feel they need guns or why the people desire them.


I agree. The argument I make to my gun-loving family is this:

  1. The militarized police have a LOT more fire power than you do, so if you want to start an armed rebellion, you're going to die.
  2. If you're having an argument with police and you happen to be armed, you've just given them an excuse to kill you with impunity. "He's gotta gun!" is all the excuse they need and it doesn't matter whether the whole incident is captured on video or not. You'll be dead, and the cop who shot you will be back a work tomorrow.


Yes, of course, there is no longer any prospect of the people defending ourselves by force against an armed tyrannical state. We passed that window long, long ago.

However, there are other legitimate reasons to argue for citizens' access to handguns.

My father was murdered when I was 10. I have a pretty clear idea of the costs of murder. I've never been a fan of guns.

However, I might well be dead right now if I hadn't bought one and trained to use it.

Like so many females, I ended up with an intimate partner who ultimately decided that if he couldn't "have" me--control, dominate, utterly possess me--he'd rather if I wasn't here for anyone else to consume either.

I'm (somewhat) trained in martial arts. I'm fit. I'm alert and determined. I'm also six inches shorter and about thirty pounds lighter than my ex. And I know from brutal experience that when he's possessed by rage, he feels no pain. No, I'm not exaggerating.

Since the legal and judicial system we currently have has no protection to offer the many people in my situation, and because most families and communities are also unwilling or unable to stand up to and curtail the actions of domestic abusers (especially if they're "nice" upper middle class white guys), I stand by my--and our--right to stand up for our own life and health.

I would be glad to do so by less dangerous means than owning and training with a handgun.

But that would require a lot more people to be willing and able to stand up and directly defend the vulnerable. If more people--especially more men--were willing to call out behavior's like my ex's and make sure there were heavy consequences for them, I wouldn't need a gun.

Since we are not yet willing to come together in such a way, I do everything I can do on my own to avoid giving my ex what he desires, which is me dead, or somewhere far away hiding from him.

We're not going to solve our problems with violence with guns. We're also not going to solve our problems with violence by outlawing them.

Solving our problems with violence requires something altogether different.


Thanks for sharing your personal experience. That is how we grow one another.


And if you don't have drugs they can plant that too. Police have more power today than ever before, which is how they can get away with all of these murders, that the national gov. does not even keep track of.


You thought the rightward creep was bad before Trump?

Welcome to right wing hell. Right to carry in 50 states was something that was on Trump's website, and most of the time I brought that fact up in the months of arguing the dangers of a Trump Administration, that fact was simply dismissed.

This will have major consequences in a myriad of ways.

Won't it be fun walking down the streets of any major city, knowing that, in the crowd will be people (mostly men) who are such cowards that they can't leave the house unless they are packing? I mean, they are already there, but there will be A LOT more of them.

Pretty damn pathetic.


Thank you.

And--this is not "simply" a personal experience. One of the greatest covert weapons of slavery is to make us move, perceive, feel, think and act as if there is a separation between our "personal" experiences and the greater life of the world.

One of the greatest covert weapons of domination is to disempower people who are willing to express the blood and guts of their "personal" experience by ignoring them or calling them crazy. We join the dominators when we marginalize such truthful speech because it is painful and frightening to receive.

Because we hope like hell something so awful won't happen to us. To our kids, to our friends. Maybe if we refuse to believe it could happen, it won't.

So then we tell such people that they are "too emotional" to be included in our nice, rational, democratic process.

"When you calm down, sweetie, maybe someone will take you seriously."

If we don't take seriously the pain cries of those who have already been tortured by domination, we have little cause for complaint when we find ourselves in the torturer's cruel grip. When our own pain cries go unheeded.

This is always true, of course. But never easier to see than when a demagogue is running amok, giving power to the bully within everyone.

I pray that courage and integrity will awaken in the many good people who are currently crossing their fingers and hoping nothing bad will happen to them in Trump's Amerikkka.


Here's an easy way everyone could help prevent the kind of violence that fuels escalating weaponry.

1) If you are not yourself immediately in danger in Trump's Amerikkka--if you're white, if you're male, if you have class and economic privilege, if you're straight and cis-gendered--humbly approach someone who is more immediately endangered.

(Ideally, whole groups of people who might ordinarily march in the streets or sit down in a government office together would instead approach a local community of people who are on the front lines of our domestic war of terror.)

2) Ask this person (or people) what you could do, right now, to assist their safety and empowerment.

3) Do it.

4) Repeat.

(Hey, Canadian friends, you can help out, too! Imagine bands of self-organizing and of course unarmed Canadians coming to visit their friends in communities on the front lines of the war in the U.S.

Imagine bands of self-organizing Canadians coming to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Coming to be family. To sing with us, pray with us, walk our streets and schools with us...

Take a page from the dominators' book: Just Do It. Do it now, while the borders are still relatively open.)

One thing you can say for the election results: they're clarifying. They say, among other things: there's no more time for actions that are rarely effective and very slow when they are. It's obvious that we're in an emergency now.

I pray that this will wake up the sleeping. I pray that it will wake them to their own dreams of compassion and justice. I pray that it will wake them to their immense capacity to make those dreams come true.


Thanks for sharing! Very informative!


"an America where every domestic abuser, terrorist, and felon can carry a loaded gun anytime, anywhere" This is already illegal everywhere, national right-to-carry would not change that. Unless, of course, you define the definition of "terrorist" down to include anyone on the secret watch and no-fly lists which punish people without any due process and are such a comedy of errors that toddlers have wound up on them.


My dad was a real cattleman and carried a small pistol in the back pocket of his jeans. "So light, you wouldn't know it was there, but good to have when working on fence late at night."


On point number one, you might educate yourself by reading any book on guerrilla warfare or just quiz any Vietnam vet. On point number two, the police can already kill you with impunity, cell phones and wii controllers have been mistaken for guns not to mention hands in pockets or anywhere near the waist. Also, concealed-carry means just that, the gun is not visible and after the Philando Castile incident anyone who carries should know better than to mention that they have a gun to the police due to the extreme paranoia they often exhibit.


In Vietnam, we killed a LOT more of them than they killed of us. With Iraq and Afghanistan, our soldiers and their commanders have become experts in counter-insurgency tactics. This is a game they know extremely well, and even though the US ends up losing the long game when it comes to an armed insurgency, the cost is tens of thousands of lives - mostly civilians - and the complete and total destruction of all infrastructure, local government, and law & order.

Yes, the police can kill with impunity, but they are still human beings. Human beings who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and its citizens. That might not mean a lot to all of them, but I know it means a lot to many of them. If enough of them decide that murdering unarmed AMERICAN civilians is wrong, they won't obey orders to do so. If, however, they're fighting an armed enemy, all considerations are out the window and their training takes over.

In the end, the police and the military need to be on the side of the People. If we turn the revolutionary movement into an armed conflict, we open the door for an even worse dictator.