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Local Hospital Nurses Defy Union-Busting Campaign in California


Local Hospital Nurses Defy Union-Busting Campaign in California

Peter Dreier

Dolly Wilson, a leader in the campaign to organize the registered nurses at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California, was shocked to read a text message she received from another registered nurse. While Wilson, who works in the emergency room, was off duty, someone had put a letter in every nurse's mailbox in her unit, accusing Wilson of taking a skiing vacation in Utah paid for by the California Nurses Association (CNA), the union that is helping the Huntington nurses gain a voice at work.


If there is one single thing that absolutely verifies everything Marx wrote about the social relations of production and the exploitation of labor in a capitalist system, it is the way employers go so totally ape-shit-apoplectic and spend literally billions of dollars, and in many placed resort to deadly violence against the worker, around the world, every year, whenever and wherever workers try to organize.

The “the union only wants to take your hard-earned money” meme which is part of ever union-busting effort I’ve seen, make me laugh out loud in derision and disgust! AS if the capitlaist bosses are suddenly soooooooooooooo concerned for the financial welfare of the worker (“the union is just going to take your money!”) that they spend millions to union-busting lawyers and consultants our of their oh-so-deep compassionate concerns for their employees!!!

Organize Sisters! Onward always to victory!


But of course, because this is a labor article, the largely bourgeois Commondreams readership and commenter-ship will ignore it, and my comment will remain the only one.


I hope every sick health exec ends up in the hands of these nurses. Oligarchy and concentrated wealth are tyranny.


Good report by Peter Dreier on this organizing effort.

Thank you for your insightful comment, Yunzer. Your insight is appreciated.

Solidarity forever!

Teamsters Local 120 in Dubuque