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Local TV Stations Pilloried for 'Shamelessly' Passing Off Amazon-Scripted Propaganda as News

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/local-tv-stations-pilloried-shamelessly-passing-amazon-scripted-propaganda-news

What? “News” is for sale in an unregulated capitalist economy. What’s the problem?


i’ve worked at Amazon…none of it is true…just saying from whence I speak

And Bezos bought the Washington Post, with nothing but the best intentions to protect honest journalism in the USA…

The fake news is going to carry Amazon over the finish line.

Isn’t that like lying to your doctor about how much you smoke to get a better prognosis.

Past tense doesn’t account for present behavior

MSM is nothing more than entertainment, or more accurately “Infotainment”, producing and the narrative the PTB want you to hear. To believe this is not true, only leaves one less informed of the truth around them. I recently believed local “News” stations could be believed with most local events, as long as the stories didn’t overlap with a national agenda. This proves I was wrong about that.

None of what is true?