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Lock Them All Up


Lock Them All Up

On Tuesday, racist evil elf and purported top U.S. law enforcement officer Jeff Sessions disparaged "supercilious snowflakes" and gigglingly joined Nazi-tinged high schoolers chanting "Lock her up!" about a woman charged with no crimes. Later, crowds gathered at the White House - aka "Kremlin Annex" - for a ninth night of music and protest; coincidentally, they also chanted "Lock him up!" but about a loathsome miscreant who deserves that and then some.


The only “sanctimonious, sensitive, supercilious snowflakes.” I ever see are on the right, not the left. Talk about people who are afraid. The commander-in-chief, (and I used that term loosely), is the biggest snowflake there is next to those pointed heads on Fox SNews. What I find most disturbing though, is Beauregard “Cracker” Sessions trying to make jokes about people with issues, the Nazi-Youth type chanting, and his giggling like a little kid and encouraging them. Yeah, “you’re going to stand up and defend yourselves.” Uh-huh.


Spot on. These MAGAts are walking, talking embodiments of projection, with nary a trace of self-awareness or irony.