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Lockdown in East Jerusalem: Harsh Policies Come Amid Intensifying Violence



The Sicarii. A resistance movement of Jews against the harsh Roman occupation. It was the Sicarii who would hide daggers under their cloaks and stab Romans before disappearing into the crowd. It was this group who is celebrated for holding out against the Romans at Masada.


You are truly ignorant and lazy. A simple few minutes research online would inform you about the history. Moreover the point is that this is a type of resistance to occupation that was first invented by jews. The original cloak and dagger as it were.

Continuing brutality drove people to such desperation back then and apparently it does so now as well.


Wereflea, don't pay much attention to ishmailev. After all, to him, Israel can do no wrong. Around three thousand years ago, Yaweh, the great "sturm und drang" god stood on a mountain top and told the Israelites that all of the land on the East Coast of the Med was to be theirs. They were directed by Yaweh to attack the cities of all the inhabitants, including those who had befriended them and to kill every living thing with no exception, tear down the cities, cut down the olive trees and sow the ground with salt. Then the resulting devastated land was to be theirs forever. But, if they didn't do as they were told, left some cattle alive for an offering, for instance, then they would be cursed unto the seventh generation for not obeying the will and word of Yaweh.
* Most men's gods have matured over the years and become somewhat more benign, but apparently not the old storm and war god. Apparently the government of Israel feels He is just as vicious and unforgiving as he ever was, so "Kill, kill, kill in the name of Yaweh!"
* And the land shall be yours again, after all the blood has dried..
* Sheesh!


When one is running the largest ghetto in the world, one is fully justified in the use of brute force to keep the inhabitants quiet. Hitler realised this, years ago.


You are a fool and not very bright nor well informed as to history. For you everything is simplistic. What can be said to someone who needs to see things simplistically.

The reality is that the Sicarii - assassins who fought the Romans after the Romans conquered Judea and created a province. They treated the population badly and eventually met with resistance whom they called terrorists by the way, who hid knives under their clothing and stabbed Romans in crowds. What is happening now is very much the same thing.

Brutality breeds desperation and that brings about resistance.

The Romans talked and thought just like you do. They thought their brutality was okay and made all the usual excuses for it which their victims didn't share. Same as today.


There is nothing antisemitic about condemning the modern state of Israel. The Jewish homeland argument is convenient cover and PR fiction for "clean break" fascists bent on Middle East destabilization. It's porn for Huntington's civ-clash fiends. It's blogosphere fodder for righteous christian or jewish people blind to the bloody effects of their promotion of and participation in some inevitably disastrous fantasy prophecy. It has been since the inception of the state.


The apartheid terrorist state called Israel expands its racism, provocations, and killings to further their mythology and self-proclaimed exceptionalism. We can expect more violence, killings and wholesale repression of Palestinians including home demolitions, accelerated illegal settlement expansions, and imprisonment of any not executed in the streets. A people without hope for the future or any actions from the occupier except more, domination, ethnic cleansing and illegal colonization of their homeland will do whatever they can to fight. Israel is not the victim, they are the perpetrator and criminal - a truly "sick society"! The world continues to turn a blind eye to Israeli war crimes, especially their lap-dog US; a fellow war criminal. International troops should enforce international humanitarian law in Palestine!


Yes, Emphyrio! For we who also choose to read on other sites, outside the MSM and CD, Mondosweis also shares both information and opinion.

"It has become clear that Israel is operating under a practice of shoot to kill Palestinians and ask no questions later. The murder of Palestinians is justified with the simple unfounded claim that he or she attacked using a knife. More broadly, when Palestinians are killed at protests, in their homes in Gaza, or on the street by Israeli forces (all of which we have seen in the past two weeks), there is rarely a transparent and impartial investigation as to whether the killing was legitimate."