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Lodestar of Peace (and the Now Distant Efforts to Outlaw War)


Lodestar of Peace (and the Now Distant Efforts to Outlaw War)

Robert C. Koehler

“Deeply sensible of their solemn duty to promote the welfare of mankind . . .”

What? Were they serious?

I kneel in a sort of gasping awe as I read the words of the Kellogg-Briand Pact, a treaty signed in 1928 – by the United States, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and ultimately by every country that then existed. The treaty . . . outlaws war.


The corridors of power are inhabited by graduates of the Hammurabi School of the Blind.


GB Shaw was being more realistic, being borderline sardonic when he commented “wars if you must; but for Gods sake, no war songs.”


If 50% of the leaders/politicians in the world were women, we’d probably cut back on violent solutions to national and international problems by about half.


Also known as Mars Rules.


Amen! And preferably not women who identify with patriarchy or seek approval, status, or fiscal rewards for catering to ITS martial metrics.

BTW: Koehler is gender-blind and can’t wrap his mind around Patriarchy’s indoctrination (often of both genders) to a worldview based on machismo, shows of force, and all things masculine.


Capitalism rules. It would help some if we could divert some money from military pork (that even our military no longer wants) to equipment for harnessing renewable energy (that our military says it would rather have than those obsolete weapons). Michael Bloomberg and pals claim that $200billion/year spent on replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy would have offsetting savings of $150billion/year in weather-related disaster relief. Environmental actin (in a plea for a petition to replace coal with renewable energy) claims that Americans spend between $345billion/year and $523billion/year extra health care costs due to pollution from coal. I suspect about four year delay from starting to spend money on this to health-care savings starting to kick in. So it would take close to thirty years for replacing coal with renewable energy to pay for itself in savings on healthcare. Even our MIC is more interested in its bottom line than in the glories of war.


My mother was more of a male chauvinist *** than 90% of the men I have met.


Wasn’t Hammurabi credited with the first published law code? It was considered an improvement over what the world had before because it least those who had to live under it could find out ahead of time what was expected of them.