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London Summit: US Must End Tax 'Hypocrisy' or Corruption Will Prevail



At least this is an official recognition of global tax corruption. The same corruption so many of us have been trying to bring into public awareness for a very long time.
All the insults about lefty 'extremists with their conspiracy theories' now make the perpetrators enablers, extremists and criminals. Bald faced denial is their ultimate terror tactic.
Insist for the change that ensures these criminals are treated according to true justice in a true democracy.


The key is to make it look like you are fixing a problem while actually making it worse. Then your propaganda machine can talk about reform while the neocons can talk like regulation is ruining the economy and the world.

""The loophole, according to Global Financial Security legal counsel
Heather Lowe, would "allow banks to open accounts for companies without
having any idea of the identity of the people who ultimately own or
control that company. Without this critical information, banks can't
determine whether the people behind the company are on a sanctions list,
a drug kingpin list, or are public officials who may be stealing from
their countries treasury or trying to stash their bribe money in U.S.


I'm sure the American media will get to the heart of this corruption. But first they need to tell us how very important it is to cut social security.


So 'Dodgy' David Cameron, a man who has been exposed by the Panama Papers of squirreling away his money in offshore tax havens, is overseeing a conference on clamping down on the rich and corrupt squirreling away their money in overseas tax havens. Is he secretly running for hypocrite of the year award? You couldn't make this sort of stuff up.


Official corruption - subversion of elected officials, "regulatory" agencies and politics - in the US is as American as Mom & apple-pie!
Our basic "democratic" processes are based on corruption - the corruption of wealth, and those who control it sanctified by the total BS "Citizens United" SCOTUS ruling - corruption sanctified at the very top!
When money equals "free speech" those who control great wealth are more equal than everyone else - isn't that perfectly obvious? So, why is that mechanism lauded as somehow essential to "democracy"? because our version of democracy is corrupted at its core by money and corrupt influence, and almost NONE of our so-called "leaders" are doing a goddamn thing to change that fact or inform/educate the people, except Bernie Sanders!
If you want more corruption in office and special interests calling the shots, the further increase of the obscenity of wealth inequality, etc vote for the Queen of corruption!
BUT, if you want real change and the beginning of the end of corruption of our republic by a handful of people, support Bernie Sanders! Demanding and working-for real change and reform is essential to our sustainable, egalitarian future!


"Do as I say but not as I do" is not an effective form of leadership and not only We, the People, but other countries are aware of it.

The US government needs to get its act together and start to act as a leader. We can talk the talk but we are not walking the walk.


Wouldn't they just use that very common loophole, the one some call LIE !


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