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Long May She Wave

Long May She Wave

Having exercised her Constitutionally-protected right to "fundamental political speech" by "extending her middle finger” towards the motorcade of our Moron-In Chief and then been swiftly fired from her job for it, heroic patriot Juli Briskman is now suing her former government contractor employer. It is "un-American," she argues, “to let the government use your own tax dollars to buy your off-duty obedience.”


Zimet sez: “Geller Law Group and Protect Democracy … argue Akima’s firing of Briskman for ‘core political speech’ violates both state and Constitutional law…”

If Briskman wanted to ensure her ‘core political speech’ was protected under the law, she should have thrown money instead.


Hope she tacks on 10 million in damages and wins.


She has my middle finger salute to the forehead. Gutsy woman and I hope she gets a better job. She is right, she was off duty and no policeman would have arrested her for doing this as it is “freedom of speech” and there is no law “thou shalt not salute the president with thy middle finger.”


Exceptional Country.

I think a case could be made that an employee has the freedom of speech to criticize an employer with impunity. Now issues come up with regard to slander or libel if what they are saying is false or misleading. How far will these things go in either direction? How much privacy do people have? How much freedom do people have to conduct their life outside of work as they want or are they under their employer’s eye and control 24/7. These are very serious issues which demand serious thought and, I believe, a resolution in favor of as much free speech, freedom and individual privacy as possible.

So, “Fight The Power” - you need to add: “Except When The Powers That Be Object”? Pretty low bar!

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Suing for contractually obliged severance pay is a pretty minor demand and shouldn’t require much much luck to win.

The bigger challenge will be her almost certain blacklist with most employers in the DC area like Akima, LLC - a typical “beltway bandit” contractor in “defense”, “security” and other sectors of the trillion-dollar deep state.

edit: Then again, maybe not. Even the legal aid group Protect Democracy that took on her case is having trouble renting office space in Massachusetts becasue landlords fear retaliation…

And once again, this is another example of how useless the archaic First Amendment is compared to the broader speech rights people enjoy in more modern countries.

Completely broken system, just like the healthcare system… the USA has WealthCare…
If you have wealth, you have healthcare and justice.
Wealthcare translates into we only care about the wealthy. (Further translated…the 1%)
Way past time for a new national holiday… Borrow one from the French…