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'Long Overdue': Antitrust Cases Reportedly Brewing Against Google at State and Federal Level

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/17/long-overdue-antitrust-cases-reportedly-brewing-against-google-state-and-federal

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…at ‘Federal level’ ? You mean Barr and Trump involvement ?

You’ll pardon me if I don’ get too excited


Yeah, they would be wise to keep this at the state level.

“Even if some states bring a suit against Google related to it’s ad business, it’s possible others could choose to pursue separate cases following different legal theories.”

This would be my strategy, come at them from 50 different angles, all slightly different, designed to drain Google by forcing them to defend themselves from every states AG’s charges. Most likely won’t kill them off, but could be effective in weakening them.


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…Break up all the giant corps, they are stealing all our worth, mostly by the Vampire method, phkn blood suckers…


It will be interesting to see whether anything happens. Meanwhile, there are other search engines.


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Well they should get to opening statements by 2035.

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While I’m no fan of Google and it’s business model, I’m looking for the anti-trust wrongdoing in this story. Market dominance alone does not an anti-trust case make.

It’s unfortunate the reporting goes no further than an observation that Google is very big and dominant.

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Tromp’s DOJ vs. Google. As much as dislike Alphabet/Google, my money’s on the latter.

The tone could have been set and all of the silicon valley monopolies avoided if the feds, European governments, and states had gone after Microsoft for using illegal means to crush Netscape decades ago. The world also wouldn’t be stuck with such a piece of crap OS dominating the market. As is the case with do many things terrible about the USA, it can be traced back to Slick Willie Clinton.

Expect “heavy”, the price of doing business, fines but nothing done to actually break up the company much like happened in the EU.


Somewhat like they’re getting to WTC mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s trial in…2021.

Without admitting guilt, pay $500,000,000 fine and write it off against future taxes which they have no intention of paying.

DuckDuckGO has been working fine for me

Here’s one for you. Go to Google and type in geoengineering. Then go to Yahoo or Bing or DuckDuckGo and type in geoengineering. There’s a site run by a guy named Dane Wigington called Geoengineering Watch. It’s one of the top entries on the not-Google sites. It’s not to be found on a Google search, even though it’s had more than 35,000,000 visitors. Google removed the site from its search engines.

Take note of the sites that do show up and what they espouse (countering climate change with geoengineering, which Geoengineering Watch shows to be the primary cause through utilizing the very methods being proposed to combat it. Use Google if you will, but always double-check with one of the other search engines.

I just wrote about Google censorship of a site with 35,000,000 visitors!

YouTube now has a way to remove sites is doesn’t like, saying that the site violates one of their principles. A man was talking about the effect of electromagnetic waves on the body, producing viruses, which are more the effect that the cause of trauma in the body. This idea has been around for a century or more, and whether it conflicts with current science, the person who presented the idea has a right to speak it. We’re seeing more and more actual censorship of ideas that don’t toe the establishment line.

It’s about time. The tech giants of the past (IBM, AT&T) had to live within anti-trust settlements or die… they are both still around. The GOP drive to let business run free (starting in 1980) has let things get away, and possibly too far to ever be contained again. Google & Facebook both need to be reined in.