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Long Overdue for Latin America: A New "Good Neighbor Policy"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/20/long-overdue-latin-america-new-good-neighbor-policy

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“Non-Intervention and mutual respect.”
Wow, America that’s a workable concept----and then we could get right to work on the Climate Disaster Change issue. If you can’t do this, America, nothing wiII work if some sense doesn’t descend on the miIitary and elected ones minds---- if you haven’t Iearned to "work weII with others by now then -we and the planet are Iost, Iost , Iost in space. : (.


Well, fucking duh. Now how are you going to perform such a feat? (Oh, I just saw the part about writing a letter to Biden. THAT’LL do the trick.)

Long overdue! It is time to rethink out policy to Latin America and make it into that of a Good Neighbor.

We will all be happier and more prosperous when we all trade together and work together for the good of all. Beats the hell out of smashing heads and killing.