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'Long Overdue': Justice Department Sues Google in Antitrust Case

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/20/long-overdue-justice-department-sues-google-antitrust-case

Can’t help but notice, they only went after the weakest of the big four. For some reason they didn’t touch Microsoft, Apple, or Facebook.
Why only google?
And why hasn’t the justice dept gone after Amazon? The company that Trump most loathes.


Time to act against FaceBook too!


If you haven’t already, check out Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zubick. Google is the evilest of the 4. They make Apple look like Ben and Jerry’s

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Let the first domino fall!


p.s. and don’t leave out the too big to fail wall st. banksters.


So, they only go after companies for the benefit of other companies. When Google implemented a big change in coverage of news media, all but cutting out all of my usual not-msm sites, such as this one, right here, there was no action nor has there been any. Then Apple has this massive cut of the proceeds. Amazon directly competes with its contributors. What isn’t corrupt. Size seems to assure corruption and the “conquering” of commercial rivals.

Sorry to burst the euphoria bubble

But in my former days working for a Unix based computing firm from Stanford,
I would suggest that this is unadulterated BS

The development of the Google algorithms was carried on a variety of computers, mainly provided by the NSF-DARPA-NASA-funded Digital Library project at Stanford, don’t leave out NSA

During the 90’ huge government grants funded the MDDS program

Internet HUGE library (which google now runs for the CIA) with associated search algorithm development with full historical tracking

Google is no more a civilian company than Bechtel

Not sure how the government sues itself for anti trust monopoly

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