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'Long Past Time': In Historic Vote, House Democrats Pass Legislation to Make DC the 51st State

Maybe you’re thinking of amending the Constitution. Granting statehood doesn’t require approval by existing states. Article IV, Section 3: "New States may be admitted by the Congress… "


Even if there is a degree of strategic political power motivation for the vote, it is still the right thing to do. The world is a complicated place and there will never be nirvana-purity. 710,000 people don’t have representation. This was the first step to give them representation.

Also, it is not like, in these times, that the Democratic Party is comparable to the lunatic fascist Republican Party.

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The negativity of the bitter old-hippie-boomer men that populate the Commondreams comment section are a real sight to see…

Of course I already knew that. But it is anti-democratic that states with tiny populations have the same power and influence as states with much larger populations. In 1789 that may have made sense, but, as with the Electoral College, the Framers could not have possibly foreseen a nation with 330 million people and 50 states.

The Constitution is still an 18th century document for the most part, and it does NOT suit the needs of a 21st century state with the most powerful global empire and which is the most wealthy nation in history.

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Hi Shantiananda:
Oh. I like this ideas. I do have an old nickel with an indigenous person in profile, and a bison on the back. Why did they stop making those? AND, nothing could be better than erasing Andrew Jackson—the Trump person’s favorite president.

I disagree, even though it would benefit my personnel political beliefs. Unlike the Electoral College, I think it’s original function is still applicable today.

The lumpenproles are getting restless, it seems. This DC-statehood idea isn’t the only little concession thrown over the palace walls. They also promise a national choke-hold ban (oh boy!) and a non-vote on unconditional immunity for slave patrollers, and money for people instead of just corpseorations in the fourth (or maybe the fifth) Who Cares act, some monumental concessions, big yellow letters called “murals” on the asphalt, some fired (seldom charged) official lynchers, thin gruel all told. Hard to tell the real from the stagecraft.

I don’t want bullshit police reform, I want an end to 3 police homicides every single day, which requires defunding the police. We’ve had it up to here with reform. DC statehood would be a great way to honor some seldom-honored folks. The reality of full statehood for DC would be a reasonable, genuine start to serious reparations. Jerking people around on this issue would be infuriating.


As a former District resident, I support statehood for the District of Columbia by giving District residents full representation in the US Congress. Let the District become a state but continue to call the nation’s capital the District of Columbia. There’s no need for a name change. The first new name I heard years ago was “New Columbia.” Now if that doesn’t sound stupid! The name they trotted out most recently is Washington, Douglass Commonwealth after abolitionist Frederick Douglass. There’s no need for the word “Washington” to begin with since there is no “Washington” in DC. They mean the same thing. Other than DC residents, most people have never mastered “District of Columbia” as long as that has existed, so any new name for DC would get the same reception especially considering that stupid is in today. I suspect if you asked most people in the US what the letters DC stand for you’d get a blank stare. These new names they’ve come up with are ludicrous, just as the part about limiting the Federal District to the area around the Federal buildings. Whoever came up with this stuff — Eleanor Holmes Norton? — doesn’t seem to understand that the more complicated they make it, the less likely it is for it to become a reality. Although I don’t expect the District to become a state in my lifetime. If they’d taken a simpler approach by what I’ve written here, it might make the idea more of a reality, at some point. But the official name of the nation’s capital is District of Columbia, not “Washington DC.” When I lived there, most of us couldn’t stand to hear that. It was an immediate indicator of a tourist. We were given a lecture on what to call it when we moved there. We used the language: the District, DC, the City, occasionally “Washington” but never (or rarely) did I hear a local say, “Washington DC.” (cringe) And there’s no need for periods in DC. For decades, USPS has used two letters – without any periods – for all states and DC. Such as: DC, PA, VA, OH and so forth.

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No one is better at virtue signaling than Nancy Pelosi and the Dems. Where were they in 2009-2010 when the Dems had absolute control of Congress? I bet that if the Dems win the presidency and the Senate they won’t introduce the DC statehood bill again.


We don’t need anymore states with fewer than half a million citizens per senator, but I’d be for merging it with Montana.


This is not a good idea.

Frankly, a simpler solution would be just give DC to Maryland. There’s no real need for a “Federal District” to begin with, and we’re talking one city.

Why do you think so?

It’s large enough to be a state. That’s why.

Wow. Kind of a petty screed… worrying about names that somehow offend you when hundreds of thousands of people there are disenfranchised…

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The DisgustaPubs will stop this in its tracks and so will Agent Orange. This is not going to happen. The Dems are powerless and need to learn to live with it. They are a minority (and no real agenda other than give more wealth to the wealthy) even if they landslide the 2020 election. The GOP has been relentless in its goal to destroy the Federal govt, destroy all protections (and rights) for American citizens and all along the way the DP has been enablers. Getting rid of Trump will change nothing.since it’s the entire corrupt and broken two party system. which is basically one party, and that is Republican.

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Then they could call it the “Disconnected City”…

My question was a “trick” question around here.
Good response though - nailed it.

The method isn’t as important to me, as long as these citizens have representation, though the method should be up to the people it affects, not outside forces IMO.

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