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'Long Past Time': In Historic Vote, House Democrats Pass Legislation to Make DC the 51st State

It’s been kept kind of quiet that she’s up for re-election –

Seems this should have been high on the list for most of America –
but presume that California sees some benefit as she is Speaker of the House?

How is CA feeling about Barbara Boxer – amazing how liberal many are of them
are in the beginning – I thought well of her, but checked out on her long ago.

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IMO it’s about fairness, and a uncertainty about the future.
Nobody’s voice should be squelched in a democracy (I know, we don’t really have one, but it should be our goal), if we applied the population rule to the Senate like the House, that’s what would happen to less populated states. I also think we should never forget political demographics can change, applying the population rule now to both chambers would benefit you and I right now. But suppose there was a shift where heavily populated areas that today are liberal/progressive, shifted to a pro-fascist population, would we be supportive of this change if for example Trump type supporters were the majority, instead of the minority like now? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s possible.

My mistake, should have taken the time to look it up. However, I can’t see Congress agreeing to admit a 51st state anytime soon, even if both houses turn “blue”. You’d still need a 60 vote super majority in the Senate to pass it, which is not likely.

I’ve long been aligned with @REDPILLED on this. The senate should be 100 seats elected at large by all US voters in a proportional voting scheme. I’m rather surprised you see some need of protection of Wyoming from the hordes of population in cities. If the rural area is in a blue state (like a whole lot of rural area in my state of CA) they don’t get any such protection. I’m no expert in state government but I’m not aware of any state that has a house like the Senate where a tiny county in population gets the same representative power as another county with 50x the number of people in it.

If you are worried about minority voices getting overruled in general the better way to handle it is to retain some of the 2/3 voting aspects to the senate body (maybe veto override is the only one but more can be added) and that way proportional representation will allow significant third parties (there could even be a ‘rural party’) and they will have leverage in senate. In this scheme it doesn’t matter what state you are in - if you are a voter with a rural ethic (if there is such a thing), you have equal protection across the US.

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Enjoyed reading your informative and cogent reply. WELL DONE!

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The saying that one is known by their friends sure applies to Trump!


****BINGO! That is the Democratic Party in a nutshell. And I would also add your post also applies to Bernie.

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I’m still trying to figure out how Dan White’s stain is still in the Senate. She’s always been a Republican in Democratic clothing.


This is the position that the Republicans in congress proposed as an amendment to the bill being discussed here - a proposal that came with no additional representation in congress until 2031 and forced Maryland to pay for moving federal prisoners to state prisons for federal crimes committed in the past. Also, it is not supported by either the people of Maryland or the people of Washington DC.

Although I am an ardent supporter of DC statehood, an alternative compromise that might get passed in both houses of Congress - if it had the support of the residents of DC and Maryland - would create a 436th seat in congress immediately and make it part of the Maryland delegation. I could even see such a compromise as an incremental step forward if it also came with 5 new congressional seats being created for all of the territories (4 to Puerto Rico and 1 to the remaining ones) to match their population and lack of representation. At least that way we can handle the issue of having 5 million Americans without representation at all in both Congress and the electoral college (except DC) without having to go through a Constitutional amendment and could do it quickly as part of the normal process in 2021.

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You mean Diane Feinstein . . .

Absolutely in the wrong party –


Thoughtful points Recon. I do find it hard to imagine those demographic changes but 40 years ago , when I graduated from college I could never have imagined the Republican party would allow a reality TV boob to be their standard bearer so…

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Ah yes, 40 years ago - the year that the Republican party allowed a washed up B-grade movie actor and General Electric corporate spokesman to be their standard bearer so …

America is like a man who knows he’s allergic to Kleenix but doesn’t understand why he can’t stop blowing his nose.

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Maybe Area 51?

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Hi EugeneElVidal:

Area 51, LOL----that’s a great answer-----as the Area 51 of the past is secret and tales of wondering constantly flow there—and people can not get in there! either Although-----that sounds like what the name should be for the small 2 mile area where the elected—or the elected aliens will be working. :slight_smile:
I was hoping that it could be named for a black liberator like Tubman or Douglas, but maybe FREEDOM or even GREENWOOD be a great name too. : )

However, it would be much simpler to simply return the District to MD than to create another state

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pink –

Interesting post –
Segregation was alive and well in Maryland into the 1950’s – don’t know about Virginia –

Naming of the Capital (Washington) and the area (DC) were based on George Washington
and Christoper Columbus – a slave-owning president and Columbus who played a large role
in the invasion here and GENOCIDE run under Papal Edicts to “Enslave or Kill” the natives
here, demonized by “Christianity” as “pagans … only fit to be fed to the dogs.”
Native lands across the Globe were thus stolen from them.
Currently across the US statues of both George Washington and Christopher Columbus
are being taken down or pulled down – and should have happened a long time ago.

Thought your suggestion about shifting residents of DC to Maryland – excluding
government area – was interesting. That’s why I was looking at the historical political
situations in both Maryland and Virginia.

IMO, the era of the gun was moved into DC earlier than in many other areas of US which
seemed to have moved many “whites” into suburbs but I think still commuting to DC for work.
With many repercussions for residents of DC and their community. Control over guns in DC has
long been a very big issues. Once again, it is my opinion that it is the CIA running its usual M.O.
of drug and gun running in many nations to create sufficient violence and chaos to overturn their
democracies which is also playing out in US societies, cities and communities for the same purpose.
That’s been true here since 1970’s. Koch Bros. which controls both parties along with many large
corporations has used their organization ALEC to overturn gun regulations in the US for decades
now. Koch Bros. has for more than 100 years worked to overturn democracy here and to destroy
government of the people. Destroying Separation of Church & State is a major way to do it – as
“Christianity” underpins Elite/Patriarchy historically.
ALEC is now being run in Canada and is already creating violence in at least one of the areas
where gun regulations have been overturned. Canadian government responded by BANNING
ASSAULT WEAPONS, but ALEC continues on moving across Canada.

If anyone is interested –

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and also known as D.C. or Washington, is the capital city of the United States of America . Founded after the American Revolution as the seat of government of the newly independent country, Washington was named after George Washington , the first president of the United States and a Founding Father

Origin of Washington, DC District Name. DC stands for District of Columbia. It is called District of Columbia, because it was built on land of the Territory of Columbia , a 10 square mile piece of land, that used to be part of Virginia and Maryland. The territory of Columbia was named such after Christopher Columbus.

Historically the Democratic Party has been the dominant party in Maryland politics.
The party has held continuous control of the Maryland General Assembly since 1920, the
longest currently running streak of control by a single party of a state legislature in the U.S.

In 2000, Virginia Republicans controlled the state government, won a second U.S. Senate seat, and secured the state’s electoral votes for president. By 2019, Democrats had turned the tables.

Virginia is a Democratic Party trifecta.
Republicans held trifecta control of state government 2000-2001 and again from 2012-2013.
Democrats held trifecta control from 1992 to 1993.
In all other years, control of state government was divided.
As a result of the state legislative elections on November 5, 2019, Democrats gained control of both the Virginia State Senate and the Virginia House of Delegates.


Demographics of Washington, DC –
From 2017 Census - Population of the District of Columbia was
47.1% “black”/AA -
45.1% “White” (including 36.8% non-Hispanic White) -
04.3% Asian

Washington, D.C.,’s population grew steadily well into the 20th century, reaching a peak of 802,178 residents in 1950. But as Washington’s suburbs grew, the city’s population declined, hitting a low of 572,059 in 2000.

The city’s racial composition also shifted dramatically in the 20th century. In 1940, roughly 71 percent of residents were White and 28 percent were African American. By 1970, those numbers had flipped: 71 percent of residents were African American and 28 percent were White. Since then, the African American population has declined slightly, while the city has become home to a growing number of Asians and Hispanics.

Recent years have heralded the start of a new trend in Washington’s demographics. After decades of decline, the 2010 census revealed that Washington’s population had grown 5.2 percent over the decade. Growth has since accelerated, with a 2.7 percent increase measured just between April 2010 and July 2011, making D.C. the fastest-growing “state” in the country. Washington’s population growth is on a new trajectory.

Washington has earned the reputation of a recession-proof city, with plenty of jobs to go around. This relative economic health reflects several factors: increases in the federal workforce, government job security in harsh economic times, and the growth of industry and contractors in the Washington area nurtured by federal spending.

Think of it this way: Washington and its environs comprise a very large and successful company town, and the federal government is the company.

Don’t be fooled all your life. Diane just like Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer, Steny Hoyer, Richie Neal, Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi are the Democrat Party. They don’t talk like they legislate because the fooled might catch on. There is no more Democrat Policy that differs in any substantial fiscal way from the Republican agenda.

A vote for either red or blue is a vote for global war, climate change, a permanent underclass, a two-tiered justice system, and every other malady we’ve been increasingly suffering from since the Powell Memo achieved full implementation under Clinton.

True – as Ralph Nader was telling Americans I guess 40 years ago – both parties
are owned by Elites/corporations.

And the officials of the Dem Party are doing their dirty work – also by colluding with GOP.

But here we are again – and I sure as hell don’t want to vote for Biden – but neither
do I want to see Trump create any more immediate pain and suffering for poor/disabled/
sick – those unemployed. IMO, the only solution to this is to be on the streets. Right now!

We should be demanding that Bernie Sanders be recognized as head of the Dem Party –
and demanding that Pelosi announce that the DP will no longer take Elite/corporate money.

We are in a position right now to DEMAND – everyone is active at home base – able to better
understand what is happening in the nation.


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This is pretty cool though as a resident from WA if they start calling people from the state of DC Washingtonians instead of us I am going to be upset.

Common Dreams, why are we seeing “Media Cannot Be Displayed” so often lately within your Twitter posts? I was disappointed not to be able to watch Eleanor Holmes Martin’s address on DC statehood and Occasio-Cortez’s speech on black lives matter. Why does this happen, and what’s the remedy? Could someone answer this, please?

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