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Long-Term Care Fiasco a Warning About Private Ownership

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/19/long-term-care-fiasco-warning-about-private-ownership


Much of what Linda McQuaig writes about economics has equal relevance in the United States. This topic is no exception.

Her most recent book (that I know of) is “The Sport and Prey of Capitalists: How the Rich Are Stealing Canada’s Public Wealth”. This book is about privatization of publicly-owned resources like highways and research facilities. This type of privatization has happened in the U.S., too.

One example is the privatization of “Ontario Highway 407”. This ripoff of the public had many of the same features as the privatization of the Chicago parking meters or the Chicago Skyway.


Thanks again Ms. McQuaig for sharing you knowledge and opinions with us all.

Mr. Phillips
St. Catharines


Recall that the first BIG Covid-19 outbreak in the US occurred in a suburban Seattle long-term care facility.


Private gain

Public pain


It’s no coincidence that the US, Canada, and Great Britain all went hard right in 1980 and have only become more conservative, to the point of reactionary, ever since. That’s exactly when the U of Chicago boys with their neolib plan went into action. In the US, they used. the Moral Majority meme.
Anyone who has spent even one day in one of these hell-holes knows the very concept should be as repugnant as concentration camps. It took nine hours for an intake review, as I sat in a wheelchair, in my own shit, without meds or even a glass of water before they finally just dumped me into a bed at midnight. Intake was done at 0700 the next day. It was worse than jail. The staff was overworked, underpaid, and abusive. Owner had more bling than Ivanka Trump while family members hired private help for weekends.
Next time, I’ll just get a .38 special and enough ammo to do the job. I’ll leave a note smeared with enough blood to say I was refusing to be just more profit for the already rich.


Excellent Article!!!

The same thing is happening here with Medicaid using privatized service in administration of its mandate. The reason being it is cost saving which we all know is not true and has much broader consequences.

Be aware, that private care makes a profit differently in some ways than public care, but when you test these services in the form of an epidemic a lot of truth comes out. Anyone, supporting Medicare for All ready needs to understand that in the process it will defund most of the alternatives and change the mandate for healthcare. You really have to trust the government to make that leap.


I’m sorry that happened to you, You really need a plan b in that situation, a patient advocate.

I sat in an E.R. waiting room for seven hours with a rather severe condition when one of the staff gave me a pain pill and told me they had to reserve beds for more serious conditions. I wanted to tell her, yeah I few more hours and I’ll no doubt meet that criteria. It was 13 hours all together I had a fractured spine. It was the middle of the night and they were changing shifts too. Probably had a lot of paper work to catch up on. So, It is not always like that, and sometimes you get really great care but it is something you need to plan for and when things go wrong be sure you let them know.

Just so you know, you can refuse longterm care. (which is usually custodial care or rehabilitation)


OMG I have been lucky enough to not have experienced what you have described but I have had many other disturbing experiences with “healthcare” in this country and will no longer allow myself to be a patient of elective care and hope to hell to get out and find help elsewhere.


Any that read my posts will know I have been making this case since COVID broke out. I made a number of posts pointing out the deaths here in Canada were mostly in nursing homes and that the privatized homes had much higher rates of deaths then Public ones.

This is not to claim myself as some sort of prophet or genius. This is just a common sense observation which I suggest most of the readers here could of made. When an entity has as its primary concern making profits, then they will minimize all costs to maximize those profits.

The point here is that all of those Politicians that promoted privatization knew this yet did so anyways. Any that got behind this and now express shock and outrage are absolute frauds. They KNEW this would be the outcome.


All longterm care is regulated by HHS.

This is different:


It does not matter if it “regulated”. The company that dumped all of those toxins into the river that poisoned the Flint water supply was “regulated”.

What matters is these entities exist not to provide long term health care to the elderly. They are there to generate PROFITS.


I sorry to say this but you have no idea what you are talking about. The water in Flint was changed by political fiat, not regulation. Allowed to exist by de-regulation.

Good lord, they all do. They exist to earn money, they just spend it differently. Even non-profits that are generally better but can be just as bad or worse. (and they are not taxed on that income) Regulation is the ONLY thing that states just how crappy it can get. Part of the deregulation is allowing care facilities to contract their own evaluations and submit them to regulators. (sound familiar) The article you just read, if you read it, is about de-regulation.

Do you know why Lobbyists insist on de-regulation? It is because they think regulations cut into profits and in order to be more “competitive” the red tape of regulation has to be cut.

All moves to de-regulation are to allow Corporations to make more profits. That is why those Lobbysists spend millions a year on Politicians.

I stated private nursing homes have a higher rate of deaths then Public ones for a reason and the article confirms those reasons. That being they will cut corners to generate more profits. The Public homes operate under the same regulations as the private ones. The Public ones do not have profit as there reason for being.

This article is by a Canadian on the Canadian nursing homes. Your HHS has nothing to do with it.


The Canadian issue is pretty much the same issue in terms of what affects outcomes.

Here it is considered by whether or not a facility receives Medicaid funding. (the rules change) I worked in service programs that included these regulations in addition to DDS regulation. Following that I worked in both public and private (mostly it is a combination) Those lobbyist are healthcare agency representatives not insurance funding which is partially included. You really do not have a good understanding of this. It is like that on purpose and crazy when you add the pharmaceutic into it.

I did not work in longterm care directly.

Oh please you are the one who does not have a clue what you are talking about.

There a Private Nursing home. There a Public Nursing home. They operate under the same regulations.

The Private homes have an exponentially higher death rate from COVID then the Public. This is what the article is about.

It is the same regulations! This has nothing to do with Medicaid funding. It has nothing to do with DDS regulation. It has to do with the fact the Private homes are in it for profits first and foremost and their shareholders and CEOS are always pushing to increase profits.

When the Military was sent in to those nursing homes in Quebec all the nursing homes, Public and Private operated under the same regulations. The Private ones were all a mess and they wrote a scathing report on it. They were a mess because PROFIT took precedence.

This is NOT about regulations.

You have not refuted a single thing I said. This will be the last response to you as it apparent you are as usual just trolling.


Is there a way to send private messages because I wanted to say something to you ?

Not that I am aware of.

It sounds as if Canada has bigger issues that I thought, we don’t send in the military to enforce care facilities, Unions are a staffing issue. Money equals private pay by patients, Money also means government funding by government. Most places have mixed funding although some private facilities do not accept government funding and usually charge a high fee. The reason for higher levels of fatality can be correlated to not enough funding/money or it can be for poor regulation and other reasons. Your right though this isn’t something we can simplify to your level.

I won’t even try to explain to you what DDS does in terms of regulation.

Oh weel it seems that some people just like to argue for the sake of it . Maybe they missed taking debating club extra-after-school-activities

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