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Long-Term Care Fiasco a Warning About Private Ownership

Thank you, fern. Your information is helpful and I appreciate it.
The way they get around the patient/staff ratio is by hiring part time, and/or the big shots here in administration and operations do (minimal) part time work other than their own job description requires
Yes, you heard right: Shortly after I had filed several grievances and met with the Administrator in person, changes started to happen. Every day residents’ now get their lunch trays delivered to their rooms by the ‘big shots’. This is beyond any kind of admittance. Every day I am fascinated and repulsed by the flawlessness of their circus act where they perform one thing: Cover Up.
Do they even know how ridiculous this cover up attempt looks…
Especially now, of course, I have nothing nice to say about Capitalism…

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Your welcome Harry.

I never worked in longterm care but they have the same regulations with some exceptions. There are several different levels of care which is a good thing. I worked in ICF-DDH (Intermediate Care Facility-Developmentally Disabled-Habilitative) there is also DD-Nursing. And others.

For a short time I worked time I worked in Assisted Living-Dementia Care. I was a bit horrified by some of the things there. I wasn’t an administrator but I did tell them I had been. I think you did great and because every thing like this matters. They get a little edgy in this area and they do get away with things unless someone says something. It works ok for some people, when it doesn’t work out for various reasons it doesn’t go well. Level of care is needed to meet the requirements of patients to meet their needs. I don’t mean to minimize these issues, there is also neglect and abuse and that requires an outside agency to correct and a social worker or other professional that can intervene immediately.

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This kind of retardation is what leads to the 4th Reich. I almost feel like you morons want that. I for one look forward to forced labor for you people again.

The information corporations are planning to collect on people from their everyday habits on the future’s privatized roads is going to become invaluable to them - they can sell it for lots of money.

Data on every single thing people do is much easier to collect if everything is privatized.

They are taking the world one bit at a time, literally.

If a government gets involved then its competing against businesses which has been made illegal unless a service sector has no commercial competition, and services are completely free and only provided by government. Imagine if governments could do that, there would be no profit motive to keep equality in check.

It would be different in countries that were not signatory to these adhesion contracts we make countries that trade with us sign.

If they expand Medicare beyond the totally retired, then it cant be public except only in the most extreme cases. People should know that it will become medicaid, with people having to pay its full cost, any property being takeable when people die, and subsidies triggering means testing and likely offshoring of patients soon, its because under the new rules, public services must become commercial as [part of a global shift to corporate ownership from public, after the fall of the former Soviet Union, since the west had won, we had countries sign into the WTO which had the same effect as a lustration agreement in Eastern Europe did, basically it repealed everything remotely socialist and replaced laws all around the world with privatization. Although not quite a surrender agreement many poor countries are now stuck with it, its only in the poorest countries that they get some breaks, otherwise medium income countries would want them too, because they also have people dying because theycant afford medicines that only cost pennies to make. This makes it easier to justify giving older people criminally bad care, the costs of drugs eat most of their money up pretty quickly.

The costs of our system may be spoiraling out of control but that money sure is nice to our wealthy.

Since our system is perfect, we’re trading away the possibly tens of millions of good high perceived value jobs that the poor countries want in exchange for pro corporate, IP maximalist policy changes that lock in with teeth, like a bear trap.

“Buy or Die?”

Now in return they’re looking to the US taxpayer and poor US patients meager benefits in the near future to fund their healthcare systems better, despite reservations that say we wont pay foreign providers we’ve allegedly already agreed to it. In return we get their rich patients and higher drug prices, longer patent terms and limits on manufacturing of generic drugs in countries like India that otherwise would be making lifesaving drugs for all the poor people in the world like they used to. Instead they get jobs from and in America, and do our bidding. But the drugs are still cheaper than they were in the past. Although not as affordable as they need to be available. Still throwing a man who is drowning 20 feet from shore a 15 foot rope and an IOU for an additional five feet is a kind gesture.

Imagine how profitable laws like the ones in the 90s would be demanding $12,000 a year from every poor person with AIDS in the world if they wanted to live. Drug makers are such kind fellows.

Well I don’t see that happening at least initially. The biggest impact other than the latest privatization, is on Medicaid. Expansion combines the two, they have tried every other way to get rid of it and this effectively would do that, along with a lot of other things written into the bill. It would also reduce the funding, and change the way it is funded. (not in a good way if you are the patient) Also, it would change the mandate to an economic model, rather than a program that is based on medical need.

If you have AIDS they would probably just ask if you wanted to be part of a new drug trial or something like that.

Self supporting, it would have to be self supporting, and commercial, not available to people who had any possibility of being able to afford any kind of product anywhere in the world not just here. .

It it was limited to the US or not, government would be confined to only offering systems of last resort for people without incomes from spouses or any kind of savings or selling possessions.

Look at Centrelink in Australia, its a highly computerized system that hunts down people who had unreported income and claws back benefits by deducting whatever money they have in bank accounts.

people need to understand that being ineligible for healthcare when they received benefits can sometimes mean seven figure bills. Look at the Youtube videos on post claim underwriting, I am sure youre familiar with that. its bad enough to have a terminal disease, and be saddled with bills for your out of pocket costs that might hit five or six figures, but to suddenly find you’re uninsured when you thought you were and your policy canceled out to its beginning retroactively can leave people with astronomical ills.

Also as jobs are being traded away far fewer people will have health insurance, making the bills for those who do much higher.

Yeah, I see what you are saying, I don’t have that level of experience. I do know it is a racket.

There may soon be an FTA-legal alternative in the form of suspended animation, pending a cure for some illness. Just like in Avatar. They are already doing this with animals like squirrels successfully. They curl up into a little cute furry ball. Theycan be kept like that in very cool temperatures for a long long time, at almost no cost.

And its totally compatible with our ideology. People could go into deep highly chilled hibernation, all bodily processes slowed down, and sleep until family members come up with the money for their care.

Like storage units for all Americans belongings while we wait out the Endless Recession, this would be for peoples bodies.