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Long Time Coming: Georgia Rises Up


Long Time Coming: Georgia Rises Up

Just in time for Georgia's Confederate Memorial Day - begun to honor "our hallowed cause" of slavery in a state where racism is literally "chiseled into stone and law" - white supremacists rallied at a massive monument to the Confederacy only to be met and outnumbered 10 to 1 by anti-racism protesters, with riot police between them. The protesters were there to decry the persistence of "this same BS of racism - it should just be over.”


The incomparable Otis Redding, indeed from Macon Georgia.

Props also due to Sam Cooke, from Clarksdale Mississippi, who wrote and had a hit with the great song that Redding covered. Been a long, long time coming, indeed.


The racists who decry the emergence of diversity don't realize it includes whites also. We are ALL in this together. I can't help but wonder what a racist would answer to the question, why do you hate persons of color so much.


I've never been to Georgia, but Georgia intrigues me. I am fascinated by the number of great songs performed by Black artists about Georgia. Place is a powerful sentiment in life, home, no matter how humble offers comfort, familiarity, and maybe a place to sigh. It's power must have contributed to this extraordinary output, despite the travails, Georgia is home. I think of Ray Charles and "Georgia on my mind" and "Rainy Night in Georgia, Gladys Knight and the Pips' Midnight Train to Georgia, and others. All of this in the shadow of Stone Mountain and what it represents.