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Longest Shutdown Ever: This Is Bad Governance


Longest Shutdown Ever: This Is Bad Governance

Lindsay Koshgarian

It’s day 22, and this government shutdown is officially the longest in American history.


he just plain doesn’t care. this is an ego thing for him. which is exactly what i said when i emailed the white house. i don’t know if he is trying to get the people in the streets so he can retaliate with martial law? without checks and balances a president can indeed have too much power, especially a bad one


This could be the death of the Trump presidency, as long as the Dems hold fast, he’s cooked. The GOP can’t hold out much longer, the voters are getting pissed, and they know it. Any direction Trump goes with this, except accepting defeat, the GOP will have to back the Dems, whether that means passing the bill with a veto vote, or impeachment if Trump tries to grab funds from another agency under his phony emergency plan. The real question is will the Dems hold fast.


The establishment Republicans fashion themselves to be the heroes of the Bill Kristols of the world (like that would really be an honorable thing, snicker) but Trump has revealed to them the power of Bubba. They are scared that Bubba will either retaliate through the primary process or simply abandon politics (including voting) altogether should their “American” Idol get taken down a few pegs. If there weren’t so much at stake this would be quite amusing, but I find myself not amused. I just hope the torrent washes Pence down the river along with Hair Fuhrer.


The most difficult part of the problem is the 40 plus percent of Murkins surveyed who continue to support Trump no matter how egregious his behavior and crimes, with no indication that they will ever change.

This serious even if the survey results are flawed. It would still be bad if only half of that percentage (21%) supported Trump.


Agree with what you say except the “Bubba’s” make up less than 40% of the voters, the average GOP candidate knows this as well. You can only flip so many votes before it becomes obvious to the average voter.


I think you are right J. Perhaps the orange Fox has some devious plan he is working.


One person that Donald Trump cannot fire is Pence. If Pence publicly came to an decent agreement/compromise with the Democrats and Trump turned it down it seems to me that Pence would be in position to tell Trump to make his own deal with the Corporate Democrats and, if he chooses to have some spine he could speak publicly against Trump on the issue. Trump will escalate the dispute thus giving Pence more room to maneuver allowing Pence to provide some leadership and speak against Trump and call on him to listen to the needs of the people. Much of what Republican supporters want is reasonable and needed, and I suspect many of them are getting tired of the rampant corruption. I think that if Pence shows some spine that he can opt to run against the President for the 2020 nomination and claim that he far better represents conservative values. Seriously, how solid is Donald Trump’s support if Pence should challenge him? Would Trump’s support by the religious right hold if Pence publicly challenges him over a significant issue such as unnecessarily shutting down the Government in order to blackmail Congress into giving him a wall? Afterwards could Pence reunite the party if he should win a runoff with Trump for the 2020 Presidential nomination?

(Just so there is no confusion here, I will feel no joy if Pence becomes the President or if Trump remains the President)


Still nobody gets this game being played by the president. As long as we discuss Trump as the problem (and he is), he cries “fake news” and remains the center of attention. Lies (plenty of them!), impeachment (a mission impossible with the present make up of the senate) and criminal behavior (he can do anything and as president it’s okay!). As long as Trump is the issue, he is happy as a hog in slop).
The problem is the enablers (from both parties by the way!) who (along with Trump) are playing peek-a-boo with the issue.

The answer is to concede defeat and tell the farmers that they will just have to forgo planting crops for the foreseeable future, the Coast Guard, TSA agents, and air traffic controllers will just have to use “go fund me” or garage sales to raise some cash for rent, food, or other mandatory expenses while they continue their critical work for free, and let’s see how long it will take for the voters to figure out how to solve the twin problems of the President and his enablers.


People just don’t seem to get it. This shutdown is the beginning of the culmination of the Reaganites dream of destroying the federal government.
Don’t give Trump too much credit for this mess. Once the GOP won control of the house and senate a federal shut down was inevitable. What the real power brokers (the Koch’s, Mercer’s, Walton’s) have in Trump is a useful dupe.
This plan has been in place since the days of the Powell memo. Conservatives won’t care if those government depts ever open back up. In all truth, short of removing Trump and Pence from the White House, this shutdown may not end until the next inauguration in 2021.


While you are right as to the percentage of voters that the “Bubba voters” represent, the scary thing–and where their power comes from–is that these low-information voters now comprise something like 87% of registered Republican voters and that is why they now totally own the GOP. I think of this as Karma as these GOP bastards have been leading these wedge issue voters on since Reagan’s era so as to capture elections and then the GOP promptly forgot about them until they were needed again. trump changed all of that when he brought out their racist misogyny out into the open so that the other GOPers could no longer act as if they didn’t rely on the low-information voters’ inherent racism to win. It’s a damn good time not to be a Republican.


I like that ploy. Just fall into line and exaggerate, or enhance the direness and finality coming.
Besides, missing one more paycheck is going to piss off a lot of people.


We are on the precipice of a 1972 election travesty. We knew Nixon was a crook and Vietnam was not ending. But the crazy American people re-elected Nixon regardless. The house and senate on the other hand stayed democrat. This has never made sense to me. Albeit the repudiation of the hippie revolution was being felt and Nixon’s landslide proved it.

I’m just saying, beware the deja vue with Trump.


Oh look, it’s “bad governance.” What’s next? Trump is a fraud? Who knew?