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Longtime Union Members Pocan and Norcross Announce Labor Caucus to Advocate for Workers in Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/longtime-union-members-pocan-and-norcross-announce-labor-caucus-advocate-workers


Funny that they don’t seem to know anything about The Labor Party, particularly since the Interim National Organizer is, like Norcross, a member of the IBEW.

Maybe this is just the latest in sheepdogging?


People First, Business Second.

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Lol Norcross is a sellout and a right wing thug.


Is this something we need the senate for? Cause Mitch hasn’t indicated any will to have serious pow-wows with dems.


First, they came for our JOBS, retirements, homes, equity…

Jeepers, the Democratic Party, LOSE precariate 1099’d gig workers; indendured into virtual share-cropping, devoid of all the hard-earned rights their parents, grandparents, etc fought ALWAYS corrupt party & union bosses for? Life-long loyal REAL Democrats have been fucking DYING, forced into infecting loved ones, co-workers, ALL other workers by our politicians, employers, unions FORCING us to work sick, without effective healthcare, W4 job security, sick days, unemployment… dying needlesly, in private equity hollowed out “healthcare systems” that after nine months are STILL unprepared. And CommonDreams just cut&pastes bs PR?

WSWS, ProPublica, CounterPunch covered the BIPARTISAN sacrifice of “essential workers” why NOT CommonDreams?

Both rich people’s parties lost us LONG before Schumer’s sneering plan to replace us with country-club Republicans



As an optimist I give the benefit of the doubt.
As a salty cynic I will believe my eyes.
I will leave you with this thought…
I quit smoking.


As a life long union member; Teamsters, SEIU for a time, and retired as an IBEW member I am very much aware of the decline of union membership for a long time now.
For a time I owned my own business yet still retained my membership in the Teamster’s Union but, alas, unions have lost a lot of standing and thus power. A very bad thing indeed.

Over half of the 14.7 million union members in the U.S. lived in just seven states (California, 2.4 million; New York, 1.9 million; Illinois, 0.8 million; Pennsylvania, 0.7 million; and Michigan, Ohio, and Washington, 0.6 million each), though these states accounted for only about one-third of wage and salary employment nationally.

Certainly one might argue that unions are not what they once were, and not just in membership but in protecting the workers as well. Yet unions remain the primary source of workers rights and should be seen as such.

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I seems that the larger companies that are making profits are willing to bargain for a little better deal. Can’t blame the smaller ones that are coming out even or losing money for not doing so.