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Look Around: The Costs of Not Acting on Climate Are Adding Up Fast


Look Around: The Costs of Not Acting on Climate Are Adding Up Fast

Common Dreams staff

As Houston begins a recovery from Hurricane Harvey that is likely to last several years and cost many billions of dollars, the threat of extreme weather events around the country and the globe are illustrating the impact of climate change—and the damage being done by right-wing politicians including President Donald Trump who have refused to heed repeated warnings from scientists and other experts.


Welcome to the present.

What bothers me
is not so much that we
clever apes are driving ourselves
to extinction.
There is at least some humor and
irony in that
and a lesson to be learned
by someone –

What really bothers me
is that we are taking
the rest of the living world with us
plants and animals of all kinds
life can never be the same –
is already changed

What drives me to distraction
is that we know better
that a very few of us
who know better
are destroying life on earth
for the most selfish shortsighted and venal
of reasons

What bothers and puzzles me most
is why we let them.


What astounds me is that everything that is happening now was foretold on the first Earth Day Teach-In in 1970, I was in 10th grade and attended the different talks that day,(I was a good science/biology student). The only thing different is that there’s a few less people,(still 7+billion) and the 2050 predicted date,(for the SHTF) is here now. What has been going on is a species,(humans) is rapidly using up it’s finite resources. We can bomb countries to rubble, threaten anyone,(NK) demand more for less pay, put a $trillion upgrade on the nukes, yet no one in charge can accept the fact that industrial capitalism is killing everything and ignoring the obvious. WTF?? I watch old shows shot in Miami and notice all the expensive buildings and mansions on the waterline,(CSI Miami, Burn Notice) so you better watch now because in 50 years they won’t be there. I laugh because of the Trump Mar a Largo being on the waterline also.HA HA HA!! Seriously, I don’t know what else to do except gripe online, so I don’t drink myself to death, and hope someone will see the light. Probably not though; so get prepared because a bumpy ride is surely ahead everybody.


Ah, Earth Day, ZPG (zero population growth), and so many groups began then and have continued. I was at Univ of Fla that day. We have learned so much since then.


Call me cynical but I am certain that Trump took Price to Houston so that Price could figure out how to conceal and mitigate Big Oil’s losses.


It’s not lost on me that I can cry fire on the planet for the next two decades and if wrong, no one will come looking to kick my ass.
Nuff said.


The Global Elite is Insane
Wednesday, 5 February 2014, 6:39 pm
Article: Robert J. Burrowes
(…) I would like to illustrate this insanity and violence briefly, explain what I mean by ‘insane’ and then outline a strategy to resist it.
Aerial Perspectives of Ecocide

New Tool Separates Wheat from Chaff for Climate-Smart Ag Finance https://vimeo.com/228669796


The real irony in all this is we are in the process of developing AI which would cease this stupidity in a nanosecond. Sorry human race, too little, too late.


If your time would be of value
But your voice is heard only by a few
And they that already know the message
Then you help the very thing you gripe against.

If you would write that letter and gripe anew
Sent to those in denial who hate the reading of it
Those who keep silence and fear the message
That others will not let truth be unacknowledged.

Seriously you say you don’t know what to do but gripe online? Well then gripe away but do it to those who don’t want people talking about climate change. Write to your politicians, to your newspapers and to denialism where you find it. The more people speak up where normally their voices are rarely heard, the more what they have to say will discussed.

Silence is the easy thing to ignore. As of yet they count on keeping our voices rarely heard but that is changing fast. The denialists cannot hold back the tide simply by pretending that people agree with them when they have to deal with all our voices demanding to be heard!

Silence is the only thing that can be easily ignored!


Yes, it’s not 2050 when THSTF, but it is happening NOW. Everything we see going on is going to only unravel at a faster, exponential rate. Human Extinction will probably play itself out (or greatly thinned global population) by 2050. With faster warming, there will be more Methane (CH4) release in the Arctic which will further the rate of warming. In turns, sea level will also only increase at a faster and faster rate. Obviously, I don’t need to tell you this as you are well informed and have been for decades. I agree with Jaded_Prole though in that the real tragedy is that we will take down many other life forms with us to our demise.


If you are to believe to such theories like those presented on Arctic News blog, we very well might be extinct by the mid 2020s. Either way, Climate Change is happening now.


Ironic that systems that normally take millions of years to change are changing faster than humans, who could quickly solve the problem if they focused on it, are.


I know for sure if every homo sapien disappeared tomorrow from the face of the earth, it would completely heal itself in a couple hundred years.
And leave very little evidence we ever existed.
Just can’t help thinking we are an invasive species consuming a perfectly beautiful planet.
Do you suppose there is an intergalactic Orkin pest control conglomerant out there making their rounds?


90% of action is practical research, development and scaling up. We need to focus on the following fields:

HVAC and daylighting for buildings, preferably solar sourced.

Transit needs to use 90% less electricity.

Renewables-based electricity at night, when the lights are on. Solar thermal is a good guess.

Restoration of the Arctic’s albedo, probably through cooling the top 30 meters of the Arctic Ocean under the ice, plus wind-powered snowmaking machines for restoring the tundra.

Rescuing 5 million species from extinction, fast.

Carbon sequestration scaled up to a scale hard to imagine, but we can do it. We need your front lawn to prove the system and serve as a “we can do it” lobbying platform. Organic methods are being tested. Also, deliberately converting other greenhouse gases such as methane and NOx to something safer.

Don’t ask Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump about the costs of acting. They’re actors.

Putting up the one millionth solar panel in your town isn’t much of an action any more. We really need that R&D so that we don’t have a mass extinction and so that homo sapiens can still grow grains and catch fish.


Mother Nature is pissed that we have so screwed up her planet. Very sad that we are taking so many other species down the toilet we have created. Harvey was just the latest flush of said toilet. A friend of mine moved to Florida last spring. I suggested he buy a place on higher ground. He bought a house on an island. And now Irma is about to flush again.


The next Harvey is named Irma, and she hits Florida on Friday night. If Irma hits Cuba first she’ll be down to 100 mph, otherwise the forecast is for 130 to 160 mph winds (low confidence on that, it could possibly be higher).



‘’ Make the lie big; keep repeating it; and before long they will believe it".
Adolf Hitler


Con. Ted Lieu- " Gov. Abbott has $10 Billion dollars in the state of Texas’s rainy day fund. I’m not sure why he isn’t tapping into those funds right now ".
Congressman, no offense, but you’ve got a lot to learn about how Texas Republicans do business. Especially so with the Federal Government. " Ya’ see, boy; everything is bigga’ here in Texas, including our extortion and blackmail schemes. Why, if we slow walk this thing boy, those wells in West Central Texas might just be of some real value. When gas hits $4 a gallon. Why rush things, boy? "( wink wink ):wink:


LOL but sadly so true


Lieu needs to refresh his memory on the Enron fiascos. And, someone ought to take Abbott’s wheelchair away and see if Osteen can make him well enough to walk back to Austin. ( wink wink ):wink:


CNN 7:37pm ET, 9/4/17, meteorologist Tom Sater, “It definitely looks like we will be impacted by a major hurricane that is a category 3, 4 or 5.”