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'Look at My Record': Omar Rejects Suggestion That As Muslim, She Must Condemn Al Qaeda and FGM More Often Than Other Lawmakers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/24/look-my-record-omar-rejects-suggestion-muslim-she-must-condemn-al-qaeda-and-fgm-more


When Trump demonized Omar as " taking pride in al-Qaeda " he was signing the potnetial death warrant of this very brave woman. Glad to hear she now has body guards.


Trump might want to double down on his body guards.

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Careful. You don’t want the MIB at you door.

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Trump doesn’t need bodyguards. He’s got back up from AIPAC, The Saudis & other MENA monarchs, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Sheldon Adelson and Donnie ( El Douchebag ) Deutsch. Also, Peter Thiele, The Zuck, Google Lords…The Patriots of Wall St., in other words.
Plus, these gov’ts: Brits, Canadians, Brazil, Japan, Columbia…and, don’t even mention the holy church leaders of America :):):):).

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And don’t forget his army of gun totting MAGA fanatics.

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How can I miss them when they won’t go away?


Thanks, but it was just a suggestion, not a threat.

This correspondent has the strangest habit of (accidentally, I’m sure) happening to float ghastly suggestions. Surely there’s some innocent reason why he’s been lionizing first Timothy McVeigh, then Osama bin Laden. Now he’s subtly threatening the president (potentially inviting threats), believe it or don’t.

It could be just a coincidence, I hope it is. At any rate, I’ll continue to make note of it when it happens, because we live in dangerous times. Correspondence like this is virtually identical to the intellectual seductions of FBI entrapment operatives, so please carefully consider how and if you respond whenever you see stuff like this. Take care, y’all!

(Once again, I heartily thank this correspondent for the useful illustration of hazardous posting.)