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Look Deeper: Child Detention and the US’s Paramilitary Politics Abroad


Look Deeper: Child Detention and the US’s Paramilitary Politics Abroad

John Buell

Attorney General Sessions didn’t lose any sleep over those children forcibly separated from their parents. He maintained most of the asylum seekers will be denied because “many of them . . . like to make more money . . .” Unfortunately, however, when children are used as bargaining chips we may never know the conditions these families have experienced.


Let’s look even deeper into the role Hillary Clinton played, along with her PR guy Lanny Davis, into the counter-revolution by the ruling business elite in the '09 Honduran coup. And the motivation - get rid of indigenous people along the coastline, for tourist resorts, etc. We make central America into a hellhole, and wonder why they want to leave.


Let’s not forget more recent U.S, contributions to Central American problems like Billary Clinton’s support of the coup against the democratically-elected President Zelaya of Honduras in 2009 which has led to growing tyranny there for the past 9 years; or Trump’s blind support for the utterly corrupt re-election of Juan Orlando Hernandez in December; or the billions of US $ which support the brutal military forces of Central American countries ostensibly to address drug violence but also used to crackdown on progressive forces promoting democratic changes rejected by these governments…on and on…


Prolonged applause for John Buell.

How rare these insights are in public discourse!

Some reading for the unconvinced:

  • Tim Weisner, Legacy of Ashes
  • Blum and Scott, Killing Hope
  • David Talbot, The Devil’s Chessboard
  • Douglas Valentine, The CIA as Organized Crime
  • John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Of course there are many others, but these get to the mechanisms of driving immigrants into an underclass position in the States.


And please let us not fail to remember a primary U.S. export to some of these same suffering peoples, the means and methods of cruel torture and military repression via what used to be called the School of the Americas and associated sales of weaponry and war materiel. From such methods, who can be surprised when chicken-shit policies now come home to roost, policed by vultures?


The artist(s) who painted the “I Want You” posters neglected to include the blood stains on Uncle Sam’s hands. Let us all read and learn from War is a Racket, by Gen. Smedley Butler, a man who had seen and done it all only to redeem himself as a true American hero.


I appreciate the author spelling it out like it is- Latinos wanting to leave their home country is the fault of the US and that the answer to “illegal immigration” is to change US policies and lack of policies that makes living conditions in Latin American countries so terrible. This doesn’t get mentioned enough and it needs to be screamed back to the rightwingers!

Look back in history- there’s the Spanish-American War and the US’s propping up of Banana Republics. Both episodes directly impoverished and subjugated Latin American countries. Its the US’s fault.


Let us look even deeper into why “Hillary Clinton” is being used as a way of numbing the brain by those who chant it.


Look deeper into why life is possible in the US according to the propaganda of FOX/Sinclair for only white supremacists. Ignore the torture and disappearance of thousands of “others” put into military camps and treated like German’s did by Trump Nazis and Sessions KKK. It is a test to make sure they can loot all for the “real” billionaires, global corporations and dictators who prefer slave labor. Let us chant "Hillary Clinton: together to make sure we also attack women who cry over their babies. Be sure to lie about all the work Hillary did for women and children and pretend she is OK with the lies and behavior of the orange monster. The CIA set up the Drug Trade under Reagan that allows the gangs to murder at will today. The CIA may have set up Trump too. Who knows?