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'Look for Power in the Shadows': Watch Sheldon Whitehouse Shine Light on Sprawling 'Dark Money Operation' Behind Barrett Nomination

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/14/look-power-shadows-watch-sheldon-whitehouse-shine-light-sprawling-dark-money


This is the most frightening video I’ve seen in a very long time. A reality check if there ever was one.


What we are witnessing now is what our founding fathers had in mind when they created a Senate, giving the American minority power over the majority, and the creation of an all powerful court that would serve as the legal buttress so that minority rule could be maintained.
While our framers were writing eloquent speeches about how the true nature of man is to live free of authoritarianism and monarchy, behind the scenes they were establishing an American monarchy. A feudal system for the new world where they, the wealthy white male minority, would be the lords of the manor. The “rabble” would be permitted to vote only to give us the false impression that we have self determination. People like Thomas Paine warned us that what we were doing was trading one monarchy for another, just hidden under the guise of a Republic.
And here we are, living in the nation that our founding fathers envisioned. An American caste system protected by the institutions of the Senate and Supreme Court. Only through real systemic change, a change that includes the abolition of the Senate and SCOTUS will we ever be able to enjoy the benefits of an actual democracy.


Wow, an identified Republican funded interest in the Supreme Court. That doesn’t sound good.


The Federalist Society is a Trojan horse for fascism… and for re-enthroning the principle (the anti-principle) that might makes right in the seat of justice (henceforth anti-justice).

The U.S.A. (and by extension the world) is in the midst of the largest and deepest social engineering project in human history. And to think that the engineers at the dawn of their project claimed to be influenced by Karl Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies. The people and organizations responsible for transforming the U.S. Supreme Court into a rubber stamp for permanent corporate lordship over the planet are the greatest enemies that open societies have ever faced.

We are witnessing the final dispossession of the people. The neoliberal/libertarian/Federalist Society Trojan horse trapdoor has been thrown wide open, and the corporate fascists are swarming through the halls of power.


The modern day fascists learned the lesson from those of the 1930’s. You cannot establish a worldwide fascist regime at the point of a gun. No, it must be done with the point of a pencil instead.
The american SCOTUS was put there to notarize that contract.


Sort of makes you feel dirty now Saint Barrett, perhaps you should withdraw your name from the nomination process in order to preserve your honor. A conundrum, I suppose.


And Biden refuses to increase the size of the Court. Am so anxious, after this election, to transfer my allegiance to the Greens or the Democratic Socialists, or anyone who will provide authentic opposition to the corporate crowd now in charge.


So agree with you that that eighteenth-century document so rooted in slavery and the property rights of the few needs to be shredded and replaced with a constitution that counts every vote equally and respects all people as well as the environment that nurtures us all.


Senator Whitehouse should be in the White House.
Instead of the charade of asking Handmaid questions she refused to answer, he educated America about the takeover of the court.
We need him or some other senator to take their 30 minutes outlining all of Handmaid’s affiliations, sponsors, mentors, backers, and judicial actions, connecting the dots between her and organizations that back theocracy, gestation slavery, rolling back of LGBTQ rights, corporate power, etc.


Sen. Whitehouse is not a pure warrior against special wealthy interests in government. He has taken the money as well and voted for our bloated military spending and adventurism.


Shocking, you mean to tell me government is corrupted by money? This will change everything!


Just the most recent chapter in the 1973 Powell Memo that delineated the plan to solidify fascism in the US. Barrett’s confirmation will make the SCOTUS the defacto legislative branch seeing how the 1% and their corporations will take any legislation originating in Congress (that they don’t like) to federal courts with 100% predictable outcome.


If anyone survives the imposition of fascism in the USA, amidst ecological and social collapse, and attempts in the aftermath to pick up the pieces and build a new society…

Remember to democratize wealth, and not enable the astonishing accumulation and concentration of humanity’s wealth in a few hands. Remember to outlaw the “corporate person,” the limited-liability investor-owned corporation which was invented for purposes of colonization. Remember that this corporatization, and this concentration of wealth, and capitalism itself emerged and grew from colonization and “privatization,” the original and ongoing theft of the natural world, the original destruction and enslavement of peoples. Remember to enshrine and protect the commons from those who would claim to “own” any part of it.

And remember that - even though they call themselves “enlightened” and “advanced,” and they call what they build “democracy” - people who carry out colonization, and “privatization,” and genocide, and enslavement, and Grand Theft Continental, are not heroes to be revered, but monsters to be resisted.


The insane fools behind these schemes think they’re “winning.” So pleased with themselves, as they usher in utter catastrophe, ecological and social collapse, the end of civilization amidst mass extinction. Great job, fools.


This is an amazingly clarifying picture of the current, failing court system in the U.S., especially at
the federal level. An engaging presentation by Senator Whitehouse. It was, by far, the best, intelligent argument against Republican corruption I’ve heard from any Democrat ever. The Democratic party would be wise to follow his lead, but fighting for fairness and justice doesn’t seem to be one of the party’s priorities excepting the squad.


Thanks to Sheldon Whitehouse to expose so clearly what has been suspected by so many for so long.
Also proof that ‘objective, non biased judges’ are fast becoming a rarity.


Koch Industries was among the original funders of the Democratic Leadership Council, the “Third Way” drive for the Democratic Party to adopt neoliberalism. Koch had a seat on the executive board of the DLC. The Clintons were among the founders of the DLC.


Can’t preserve what doesn’t exist.


I agree and now need to find/retract my earlier post about these hearings being a waste of time and nothing more than grandstanding and/or political campaign speeches by those questioning ACB!

I don’t think Whitehouse is up for re-election?
Not sure how the charges of insider trading against him panned out. . . .

In any case----
His presentation was excellent ----though it was unfortunate the easel fell midway through the presentation---- I just kept thinking about an SNL kit that may result from that!

Full admission: I taped the hearing and fast forwarded through the republicans, listened to most of the dems. Found it interesting, entertaining---- yet very stressful. For some sick reason I’m drawn to these shows by the duopoly/MSM like a moth to a porch light.

What a contrast between Whitehouse and then Ted Cruz asking ACB if she plays an instrument. And if her kids play instruments. Playing an instrument is a very critical factor for a SCOTUS justice don’t you know!!
(I inadvertently caught that cretin Cruz in between fast forwarding)