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Look Up, Way Way Up


Look Up, Way Way Up

Antonia Zerbisias

It's no wonder that, this week, Canadians nervously cracked jokes about an Orwellian future in which drones zip up to highrise windows to spy on citizens going about their daily business.

That's because, on Monday, Industry Minister James Mooreannounced a $75 million "repayable contribution" to Ontario's L-3 Wescam, a division of the New York-based L-3 Communications, for airborne surveillance technology research.


he did go on about technology that could track down bad guys in Canada’s deep forests

Good lord! How many troupes of Boy Scouts are going to be killed by armed drones?



There’s so many insane fascists taking over governments around the world right now,

I suspect that we must be under One World Government already. If you have a central bank that prints all the money it wants to bribe politicians with, then you are not free. Your government is just an extension of the Queen of England, or in our case in the USSA, the house of Rothschild (via JPMorgan Chase, their frontmen).

Banksters have no loyalty to any single country. Only to charging interest on other people’s money.