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Look What We've Done: Human-Made Epoch of Nightmares Is Here


The interesting thing about the “Athropocene” is that it is a simple declaration that evidence of human activity will wind in sedimentary strata and will be notable to any geologist. Oh sure, this implies and suggests a lot of things, many perhaps controversial. But the fundamental thing that the "anthopocene era’ is - a bland statement about geologic sedimentation - is simply established fact.

One of the most important roles of science in human discourse is supplying raw facts for us to talk about.


Reading the above article, I went to the weather channel to look up some of the data. A brief article caught my eye. Apparently, the government is going to kill or open to hunting, 900 Bison in Yellowstone Park. Ostensibly to keep them from their annual migration to the South. They may “have a disease or diseases that could be transmitted to livestock.” They might also be grazing on land the ranchers want for their own stock. Isn’t that reason enough for killing off endangered species these days?


If we had prevented the influence of money in the election and legislation process climate change denial could have been arrested. If politicians were not representing corporate interests and only corporate interests we could take steps to slow environmental degradation. If the religious right had not thrown their weight around we might have slowed population growth.


Your comment was perfect! This fight is going on all over our country. I invite you all to a view of our next “keystone”. If the darkside wins here your all screwed. We are to be the end of the pipe for all you fracking victims, and our leaders don’t care, neither do our merchants!


Yes, yes. But at least that’s a great photo of the Flatiron Building.


“They have pillaged the world. When the land has nothing left for men who ravage everything, they scour the sea. If an enemy is rich, they are greedy; if he is poor, they crave glory. Neither East nor West can sate their appetite. They are the only people on earth to covet wealth and poverty with equal craving. They plunder, they butcher, they ravish, and call it by the lying name of ‘empire’. They make a desert and call it ‘peace’.”

Publius Cornelius Tacitus - a historian of the Roman Empire


BRAVO!!! and right on cue there SJ-


Very glib. Have any names on your list?


Glib? no more than your reply …

In any case, i suppose for purposes of this topic, i would say Stein, e.g.


Sharing Common Dreams fear factors for a “cold” future maybe good for the group. However, think about writing about individual dreams. It is joining the dots linking such imaginations together that promises better futures. Try to synthesize this challenge.


I prefer Cocacolacene after the world-wide zone fossil, buried in marine beds and in terrestrial beds at most altitudes.

“The organism that produced this interestingly shaped outer shell of nearly pure silica shows subtle changes over the years with variations in design that are systematic and which were a precursor to the new sub-species that replaced its formerly brittle silica outer shell with the more deformable polycarbonate carapace, interestingly not long after the widespread dispersal; of radionucleides from some global event as yet unexplained”.

Fom “Journal of Interplanetary Palaeontology”, published by the Zoggian Geological Society, Planet Zog.



Glad to read a specific name. Mysterious or circumspect might be a better description now. Thanks.


At 4 C we won’t have to worry about it… there won’t be anyone left to name it or use the name…


The term “Anthropocene” may inspire irrational pride in some humans: they may emotionally regard the new epoch as a kind of medal for humanity. “Bully for us – we’ve changed Earth’s geology! No life forms have done that since algae started making oxygen.” Even people who would not consciously say or think this may be swayed unconsciously to view the coming climate catastrophe as a triumph. This might weaken the impetus to curb global heating.

I therefore suggest choosing another name.

The name that best fits what’s going to happen in this epoch is “Obscene”, but that jocular spirit is not fitting. Since the change in climate consists of global heating and its consequences, how about “Thermocene”? The heating is caused mainly by combustion (of fossil fuel and forests), so how about “Pyrocene”?