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Looking Ahead: Clinton’s Plans for Syria


Looking Ahead: Clinton’s Plans for Syria

Peter Van Buren

Hillary Clinton has a plan for defeating Islamic State in Syria. Donald Trump has one, too. With the conflict in Syria spreading beyond its borders, it’s essential to understand the new president’s strategies – and how they may need to be adjusted over the next four years.

Trump: Safe Zones



Nobody has plans that are up to the task. This article contains many excellent questions. The first goal to accomplish will be getting ISIS completely out of Iraq. It that can be accomplished then more of the focus will shift to Syria. A big question is what will happen in Iraq if Mosul is retaken. The situation could lead to further fighting if some sort of political agreement is not found. If stability can be achieved in Iraq that would help in trying to do something positive in Syria. But continued turmoil in Iraq will only make the situation worse in the entire area.


Clinton is not the lesser evil here. Trump says a no-fly zone in Syria is a bad idea and will lead to WW3 with Russia! So, who’s the crazy one now, the dame who wants to blow up the world, or the dude who doesn’t??? Now that Trump has come out against WW3 and a no-fly zone in Syria, the Left had better re-evaluate its "lesser-evil” nonstrategy.


Syria already has "safe zones". These are areas within Syria that are controlled by the Syrian Governmnet and out of range of the terrorists mortars and rockets. Neither Assad or the Russians are bombing these areas. As a matter of fact the vast majoirty of refugees in Syria are internally displaced with most of them fleeing REBEL controlled territories to live in Government controlled territories.

I have not heard of any refugees fleeing Government controlled territory to sanctuary in rebel controlled territory.


"We like war. We're a warlike people!" George Carlin


A safe zone seems safer than a no-fly zone. Between Putin and Trump, maybe they can exclude the Islamic State. Hillary and Pence's confrontational actions are dangerous.


“It’s high time the US authorities came clean about the full extent of the civilian damage caused by coalition attacks in Syria. Independent and impartial investigations must be carried out into any potential violations of international humanitarian law and the findings should be made public.”


Hillary Clinton is a very stupid person for helping to arm al-Qaeda and murder Gaddafi. Saudi Arabia will be sorry for arming al-Qaeda as Turkey begins reassembling their old Ottoman empire and closes in the Saudi kingdom.


Mosul is being circled from three sides, north, south and east. Where does that leave open for the jihadis to run to? Syria. A very cynical game being played here with peoples lives and human history of no consequence whatsoever.
I have already sent my ballot in and, perhaps this is the Pontius Pilot defense, but I am glad I voted for Jill Stein and will not be responsible for HRC/KBH entering the White House.

I will be in Iran on election day and will be very interested it speaking with the local people about their feelings on the election, before and after.