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Looking Backward (2018) and Forward (2019)


Looking Backward (2018) and Forward (2019)

James Zogby

Many years ago, I came across a pre-Islamic Arabic poem describing a camel running across the desert. Suddenly, the camel freezes in mid-stride. First, it looks backward in fear of what it was running from, and then it turns its glance forward—also in fear—toward the unknown that is its destination. It was this image that came to mind as 2018 came to an end and I sat down to write about the year that was and what we expect might unfold in the new year.


Prof. Z. Yes, exhausting; having to sift through the mainstream media’s pro-Zionist propaganda that you always help us understand; but an “uncertain future”?
No, prof. So sadly we know the future all too well. The U.S. military-industrial complex and the Israeli nation-state will reduce the Palestinian people to what the American people did to the native Americans. Surely a divine judgment against the people of God.


All of that is true but not a word about the climate, which deserves far more than a word?


You write the sad truth Professor, and I really don’t see substantial change on the horizon.

The trump regime has served the uber-wealthy, pirate corporations, polluters and rapists of Mother Earth, and generally depravity in his malignant two year reign. His alignment with the Zionist-Saudi has done great harm to world peace and justice for Palestinians and Yemeni’s among other ME/NA nations as elsewhere. A triumvirate of the most depraved and odious racists, murderer/killers, war criminals and frankly evil people, that should all be standing in the dock at The Hague, and not be ruling anything. I have too little hope and too much cynicism and fury at the direction those and other people of zero morality, integrity or concern fot the Common Good are taking us - tragically there are few standing-up to their hideous crimes and pathology’s…happy new year.