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Looking For A Bike While Brown


Looking For A Bike While Brown

Another murder of a hapless unarmed guy by cops who told a different story from the grisly one revealed, after a long legal fight, by newly released video. Gardena CA cops said they shot Ricardo Diaz Zeferino eight times for putting his hand in his waistband (yes, again.) Video shows they shot him for looking for his brother's stolen bike and being too spaced out to keep his arms high in the air when repeatedly screamed at to do so. So, death penalty, yeah.


Waistband? His shirt was untucked. Police State response. Period.


D.A. declined to charge the three cops who opened fire -
Christopher Mendez, Christopher Sanderson and Matthew Toda
So now that we see the video, what the heck is the D.A. basing his decision upon.

A lot like the Albuquerque shooting of homeless mentally impaired James Boyd.

The claim was that he attacked the service dog. (as it was sent to attack him)
Sorry…Service Dogs are not equal to Human Life.
The two officers (Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez) are now on trial for murder.


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Where does this person ever reach into his waistband at all?

Whenever any person doing any type of job messes up big… they usually get fired.

When a city employee (yes being a cop is only a job that’s all it is) licensed to carry and use a firearm uses that firearm inappropriately and results in the unwarranted death of a person then that police officer should automatically be fired.

Incompetency should not result in the death of another human being but if ever a death happens that is not justifiable as is shown in this video, even if the police responsible aren’t prosecuted for homicide they should automatically be fired as police officers.

To kill a person (unjustifiably) should be cause automatic dismissal.

We just might see this shoot with impunity attitude disappearing if the guilty cops automatically lost their jobs. Kind of like mandatory guidelines going the other way.

Why do cops who kill without just cause (even in cases where it was obviously a mistake) stay on the force? Isn’t killing a human being even by mistake a big enough mistake to warrant the loss a job?

It is only a job… just a job!


Why do the taxpayers have to pay $4.7 million for the mistakes of these two inbred thugs in a badge? They should be fired and forced to pay it themselves!


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