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Looking for Leaders on Climate? Follow the Women Farmers


Looking for Leaders on Climate? Follow the Women Farmers

Jon Queally, staff writer

"I give you a message from my heart," she says, "let's move forward and work together for the benefit of everyone. And especially for those who work in the fields, as we are the ones who suffer the most."


strong textSorry folks I think that climate change, whatever that is has run it’s course. We’re reporting 60F in Stockholm, commonly know as 15C


And therefore…?


Who better to understand Mother Earth than other women …
Stand aside guys - time to let women run the show, if it isn’t already too late …


The agroecological movement - breaking away from the militarized agrotoxin model of extractive capital agriculture soundly documents the characteristics of the two models and consequent outcomes.
Our southern neighbors in Brazil face the same corporations and political influence. In 2009 the film “The Poison is on The Table” was produced tracking the statistics that were, as externalized costs to rationalize GDP metrics of profitability for export and global financializtion for privatization - the new model of dictatorship. Based on the ‘Green Revolution’ it becomes clear that the ‘green’ is that only of fiat money.

The alternatives exist, are producing and restoring the land, in abundance, wherever it it is implemented but is also facing the ongoing threat of transnational agribusiness.

In 2014 the second edition of the film was produced - now captioned in English