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Looking for Something Other Than Corporate Media on Election Night? Here You Go

Looking for Something Other Than Corporate Media on Election Night? Here You Go.

Common Dreams staff

With any luck, the long national nightmare of the 2016 election will be over Tuesday night.

The New York Times has a helpful breakdown of when polls close across the nation (and when we could potentially know who won).

Many thanks for this, commondreams!


I just want to comment on the tweet shown here that exit polls are “not very good”. That is generally bull pucky. Exit polls were the gold standard of polling, used in many countries that take a long time to hand-count their votes to give a preliminary outcome. It was nearly the same here - until 2004 - because exit polls are also good for something else, detecting election fraud. That year, the exit polls in Ohio were consistently showing John Kerry winning the state. Then suddenly, after Midnight, the vote totals suddenly flipped for Bush and the networks said it must be faulty exit polls, instead of what it really was - Karl Rove and Ohio Sec. of State Ken Blackwell effing with the voting results by running them through a Republican-controlled server in Tennessee to steal the state, and the election for Dubya. After that, the corporate media suddenly decided that exit polls were unreliable. They weren’t and certainly don’t have to be. After all, you’re asking people in carefully selected representative precincts around the country what they already did, not what they might do. They usually are accurate to within 2%. So, if the exit polling looks squirrely, that is when your spidey-sense should start tingling about election fraud, not faulty polling.


Sad part is that PBS does not broadcast DemocracyNow! Or any OTHER corporate run station. Yes PBS is not what it used to be.


I wouldn’t miss it for anything, best free stupid comedy ever.

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there’s truth to this, too. but something else happened, and if you worked the census in 2000, you’ll know the genesis of it: that is the right’s frequent refusal to cooperate with pollsters. deliberately throwing sand in the gears, as it were.
They’ve been doing this for a few cycles now. If you ask them anything, and you’re a journalist or an academic, they’ll just move right along. Or worse, they’ll screw with you and lie.
This was part of a fairly lengthy campaign that began with Lott appealing to the right to not cooperate with census workers in order to screw up the counts. This “ethos” sort of went viral and is still a big deal among many of the hardcore.

All polls rely on one thing for their accuracy–honesty. In large enough amounts to make the math work. If that goes missing, then so does their accuracy.

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If Eugene Debs had been standing for president in 2016


Unless there is a huge turnaround in the western states you can say hello to President Trump.

  • On the downside we will have an irresponsible irrational fool as President.
  • On the upside the probability of a war with Russia has been greatly diminished.

Oh bullshit. Or, please source your smear about DN! As i have called bullshit on others who repeat this smear, and none have any source.


Too close to call? A shattering of both Establishment Parties in one swoop fell. The polls are showing the world the U.S. is broken in 2. The Establishment Dimocrats like OhBummer have been caught up in a " trick bag " of their own duplicitous doing, a low rent treatment of Joe & Mary Lunch Bucket. It is time to put the new Progressive/Green coalition’s gathering together. Slapping the likes of The Clintonista Clan, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin out of the 1st Circle of Power is a good place to begin.


Good. I am a Jill Stein supporter. I hate Trump, but the Democrats are frauds and phonies. All of this stuff about women not liking Trump is nonsense. The Democratic party cannot beat Donald Trump, that show what a worthless rotten party they are. They are corrupt to the core.


Do you still think that Trump - and most importantly those who run his government - particularly once a 60 member majority in the Senate is achieved in just 2 years - are just an irrational fools???

Ever heard of the enabling acts? Why do you think they cannot happen here? Germany in the early 1930s was the most advanced and educated democracy in the world.

Watch what happens to anyone who dissents against the government or its agenda over the next couple years. God help the people of resisting the DAP they will be facing bullets now.


Got any evidence regarding your smear of DN or are you just farting at the banquet?

EDIT (re: comment above) lawl GTFO of here. They receive “indirect funding from George Soros” and so they are a “George Soros vehicle”?

How about you criticize them based on their actual content, rather than on some bullshit conspiracy theory spookiness?

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At the end of the Weimar Republic the Social Democrats begged the Communists to join them in stopping Hitler. They refused. “Capitalism is going to collapse and Fascism can’t save it.”
The first thing Hitler did was go after the Communists. The rest of the opposition fell one by one.

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Yeah, but now it is an entirely different ideology to blame - capitalism-embracing, capitalism celebrating Democratic Yuppie-Urban-Liberal Party which crushed any attempt at educating the US working class to any other socialist alternatives. This left the masses open to only racist-fascist scapegoatery and demagoguery.

I am more frightened right now than any time since as a child in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Meanwhile, I have heard that Russia - apparently not understanding that Trump will not be actually taking office until January 20, is beginning a massive bombing that will completely annihilate Alleppo. If Putin will only wait until Trump is actually in office, then he can engage in joint Russia-US nuclear strikes on Aleppo and Raqaa and other places in the middle east. So the idiots here on Commondreams will be happy to see that the nuclear war with Russia will be of an entirely sort than they thought!

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Watch for the stock market to take a dive in the morning and the USD lose some value.

What would today’s version of a progressive agenda look like? To date, we’ve seen very little of anything resembling progressive politics and policies from liberals, while Democrats in Congress maintained their right wing socioeconomic agenda. (This matters, since most voting choices come down to economic policies.)

The Clinton wing split the Dem voting base apart (middle class vs. poor) back in the 1990s, and the past eight years confirmed that this split is permanent. Not much left to say.

If you think that a Trump win is about class, you haven’t been paying attention AT ALL.

I can assure you, that Russia (Putin) is more aware of the details of the American presidential succession than you and I. and right now not only Putin is celebrating, but also Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia, both on the top of Hillary’s list for ‘regime changes’.


Democrats could have easily beaten Trump (or any other Republican) if they hadn’t spent yet another eight years turning their backs on a chunk of the Dem voting base. It doesn’t help the liberals Stand in Solidarity with the working class, but only until those workers’ jobs get shut down/shipped out.