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Lookit These Kids

Lookit These Kids

A brief, glad, heartfelt thank you to the almost million children of America who on National Walkout Day said no to the intolerable, who marched, chanted, spoke up and gave the rest of us hope. On a day the NRA chose to post a sick shot of an AR-15, we saw entire schools emptying. A lone kid out of 700 proving "one person is all it takes." A crowd of big kids cheering brave "littles." And the courage, amidst their fear, sorrow, fury, to embrace the right side of history.

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I join you in thanking the kids for their leadership and courage. I was very much impressed, and I apologize to them for the poor behavior of some of my fellow adults in criticizing them. We’ll try to make it up to them on the 24th, when we join them to #MarchForOurLives.

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“Meet the new troll, same as the old troll.” with apologies to Pete Townsend.

Yay for these kids! To those criticizing them saying what’s the point? … I myself see strength in numbers and safety in speaking out en masse. Seeing all their peers out and expressing their common distress can only reinforces their courage and faith in democracy.

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Wow, a streaming void of consciousness in need of medication.
Not sure about the Ayatollah thing, but it appears to be the same.

Look, its pretty simple, put SOME requirements in place.

Military grade hardware “OFF THE STREETS”

Kinda like driving.

We’re not saying you can’t drive,
We’re Saying there Should be Rules of the Road to Protect Everyone.

No You Can’t Drive your 1000hp Formula 1 Racecar through Town Running Red Lights at Will,
Whenever and Wherever you Want.

Now if you would rather we blame every other driver and search their motives and tendencies,
this is really off in left field.

For right now,
Can We Work on Red and Green Light Controls with a Limit on the Types of Cars Allowed on the Streets.

Next We Can Talk About Speed Limits…

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