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Looks Like A Cop. Sounds Like A Cop. Says "I'm A Cop." It's Not A Cop


Looks Like A Cop. Sounds Like A Cop. Says "I'm A Cop." It's Not A Cop.

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

An investigation by the Washington Post has revealed that the ranks of "private police" officers—ordinary citizens who have petitioned courts for the power to carry a gun and badge and make arrests within certain areas—are growing throughout the country, thanks to a little-known provision in state laws.


Great! And while we’re at it, let’s rename them: Brownshirts, or how about SS for short?


We call these fake cops: Supercitizens.

This is why I left.


We’ve had the SA, the SS and the Gestapo here in the U.S. Fourth Reich for many years. Only the names are different.

  • I call the cops the “Brownshirts dressed in blue” for that is the way they act. These other maggots are even more despicable. I think they are “Stand your ground” with a badge.


I think you are right, Steve. It’s horrifying the way history keeps repeating itself.

Reminds me of a Star Trek Episode called “Mirror, Mirror”. While beaming up from a planetary dispute during an Ion Storm, the landing party accidentally materializes in an alternate universe where Starfleet’s symbol is a dagger smashed though the Earth and the crew are savage cut-throats ready to exterminate the inhabitants of the planet they are orbiting since it won’t hand over Dylithium Crystals that the crew of the Enterprise wants. The crew advances in rank by assasination, and they don’t understand why Kirk won’t zap the innocent Hulkens down below who aren’t cooperating with the empire.

Instead of “The Federation”, it’s “The Empire” which is our first clue they are in deep chit. I frequently am sure I have materialized in an alien alternate universe, as I recognize nothing about my little America or it’s government.




Yeah, there was another where they landed on a planet that was an analogue of Earth. War going on, etc. Finally Kirk hears them reciting a mystical thing they don’t understand. He realizes it is the Constitution and he quotes it properly and explains its meaning. Another one was where a world did not know of war, then when Enterprise dropped by for a visit, they found a war going on and a Nazi regime in full operation. Turned out an observer had introduced them to Earth History, its wars and the Nazis.

  • I think Roddenberry may have seen what was coming and perhaps left some warnings in Star Trek?


And yet, if we want to get rid of the us-vs-them cops, we’ll have to shift police power to the neighborhoods (as part of a general devolving of power, preferably). We could perhaps do that by requiring that cops live where they work, but then what do we do about places where NObody wants to live?


Authoritarians are riding high at the moment, but they will fall, and it will be at their own hands. The fundamental frailty at the core of their ideology they misidentify as strength. They have no idea of what that strength really consists of. They’re too stupid to even see their own stupidity. Of humility, they know nothing. Armed to the teeth, they’re vulnerable to the same vagaries of existence that the rest of us are subject to. They’re unintelligent and unaware, their very existence pointing to the flaw that lies at the heart of this society. I feel a great deal of remorse for those who fall prey to such wretched excuses of human beings, but there’s not a whole that I can do about it, due to poor health and a relative poverty. I can only watch, horrified by the depth of the stupidity of this society, and hope to live out my life beneath their notice. It’s sad and sickening, but it is what it is.


“Freedom? That is a worship word. You will not speak it!”
-Cloud William

I remember that episode. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s the one!


Well, if all the billions and trillions weren’t going to the war machine and the bankster Oilagarchy, perhaps we could put much of it back into our infrastructure, into jobs, education and healthcare. Help these groups that are trying to resurrect their neighborhoods.

  • Perhaps, if we rebuilt these neighborhoods, brought back businesses and light industry, which would provide jobs and give a person some self-respect, we might eliminate “places where NObody wants to live.”


Where I live the areas that are genuinely unpleasant are generally fairly small in area. They can at least live in an adjoining neighborhood near them. At any rate, the main problem in many cities is simply getting the cops to live in the cities they work for at all. Being white and right-wing - they only want to live out in the whitebread suburban wastelands. Some cities require cops to live within the city limits, but a lot don’t. Once at the scene of a minor crime in my area I once had to tell a city cop what street he was on - and the street was Liberty Avenue - one of the main thoroughfares in the city!