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Looks Like GOP Might Run With the Trump's "a Moron Defense"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/08/looks-gop-might-run-trumps-moron-defense

Twump, other than his criminal cunning, is a moron, so it’s the most believable defense in the sense that no one can really argue with it. The problem is, it doesn’t pass legal muster. One of the late-night comedians offered this analogy:

Officer (having pulled over a driver): “Do you know the speed limit on this road?”

Driver: “No way. I’m too drunk to read the signs.”


Oh, please put the ByeDones on the stand.

And please put Rudy in Club fed.


Here’s the problem that I and others were afraid of: he will be charged in the House but will not be convicted in the Senate. He will then decry, “impeachment was a hoax”, just like “no collusion, no obstruction”. On he goes into 2020 and wins another 4 yrs. Now, in my opinion, at this stage the Dems are better dragging it out as long as they can as I am sure the more one digs the more shit will pop up. I’m just afraid he’ll come out of this untouched and look like superman, AND we all know what his “followers” think of him.


Unless a significant number of Republican senators abandon him during the trial, TrumPutin is very likely to survive an impeachment vote. That was the crux of the impeach/don’t impeach debate a year ago, and it remains the case now.

So, why impeach? The gamble is that by examining TrumPutin’s high crimes and misdemeanors by impeachment, the public will turn against their president when it sees how criminal and corrupt he is, and that the multiplier effect is to highlight any and every Republican senator who did not vote to impeach him (assuming that a strong case is made to impeach TrumPutin)–and thus the public will turn against them too. It’s possible that enough Republicans, even under threat of being “primaried,” are aware of this and will then consider him too toxic to continue supporting him.

TrumPutin could win re-election next year even if he is impeached. The key is the Electoral College vote and the ten or so swing states that will tip the balance of electoral votes for the candidate who wins those states. As in 2016, TrumPutin could lose the popular vote by an even larger margin next year but still win the White House. It sucks hard, but that situation will not change in a year.

Too true. And TrumPutin has played to that base exclusively, partly I suspect to reinforce his support in those all-important swing states.

In her book Democracy in Chains, historian Nancy MacLean makes a crucial point: The right wing, exemplified by the Koch brothers and their political network who are the major focus of her book, has known for a long time that their agenda does not have majority support–how could it as it benefits the rich at the expense of the poor?–so they had to build a strategy and an infrastructure to support that strategy that ensures that they control the levers of power.

Everything the Republican right has done, from gerrymandering and voter suppression on down, has been to realize that aim. TrumPutin has been the beneficiary of this, and because he has galvanized the base that has been reinforcing right-wing strategy, he has some clout (and of course the bully pulpit from which issue forth his Twitter tantrums). But how effectively the Democrats can drive the impeachment could influence Republicans, who could throw him under the bus just as he is so quick to do to everyone else.

“May you live in interesting times,” goes the supposed Chinese curse. These times are downright fascinatin’ . . .


I see your point, but it’s based on what the “knowns” are now. If we can have the kind of hearings I’d like to see, a case could be built that would cause all but the most obtuse senators to cut their losses and vote to convict.

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…all but the most obtuse Senators? You mean the entire GOP, right?


This has become known as the “moron defense,” which holds that the president is too dumb to commit all the crimes it appears he has committed.

Ok republicans, lets see you call a vote of no confidence since you have no confidence in rump.


Exactly!  But this strategy depends upon the hearings being aired widely and on the majority of voters tuning in to enough of this REAL ‘Reality Show’ to be convinced by a pretty good number of apparently pretty credible witnesses that Tweetle-Dumb is Loony-Tunes and utterly unfit to be our Commander in Chief (or even the commander of Huey, Louie & Dewey’s troop of Junior Woodchucks) and that they pressure their senators to do something about it.

The above worked fairly well against the Mueller Report in part because A.G. Barr dulled down the release of an inherently complex and (for the average voter) overly lengthy and dull written report.  IMHO, this won’t work at all with the average voter IF THE HEARINGS ARE TELEVISED LIVE TO
and if the witnesses are anywhere near as credible and their testimonies as dramatic and damning to Tweetle-Dumb they appear to be from their opening state-
ments and from the transcripts released from the House hearings so far.

“Ignorance of the Law is NOT a valid defense.”   And there is no-one more ignorant than Tweetle-Dumb.

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“Why impeach?”
It’s simple, the constitution demands it, you know that document they all swore to up hold, under oath. Again there’s no wiggle room here, Article II, Section 4, the president “shall be removed”, period.
If the dem party was serious about taking back the WH, and the Senate, instead of insuring a neoliberal wins or Trump remains, they would apply all charges that are applicable (and there are many), and commit to a massive information campaign to enlighten the citizens as to why he must be removed. By only charging him with the Ukraine issue, they have set themselves up for failure, and Trump in position for reelection. I wonder why they would do that, he asks knowing dam well why?


Yeah it looks that bad for the citizens of an ongoing plutocratic takeover. The game is rigged and it increasingly looks like real democracy is becoming perceived as an inconvenience by those tasked to protect it. Whether the world (democracy) wants to admit it or not, Hitler was voted into office by a third of the voters. From that foothold, he ran with the ball until appointed chancellor and the rest was history (hell). The Dems (not all) sure don’t look like they wholeheartedly want to prevent oligarchy at any time but currently their relatively limited assault on Trump seems almost reluctant. Were the roles reversed the oligarchic favoring Repubs (all) would be all over the Dems and bent on total destruction. Meanwhile Pelosi is more concerned about further impeachment charges as being too divisive rather than hitting the Repubs like the Repubs would hit them. Like the Repubs did when they went after Bill Clinton over lying about a consensual BJ. Yeah the game is rigged almost as if the serving members of our government really don’t want democracy any more than they have to.

But the moronic bastards sometimes get caught when they go too far. Sometimes.


This argument has been around for a little while and Phat Boy is on record of tweeting or saying that he is too smart enough to run a racket, one that no one would ever be able to uncover. But in any case, claiming that he’s innocent because of stupidity is the same as saying that he needs to be impeached and removed for incompetence.

And you don’t go to jail just because of what you accomplished. If you tried to rob a branch bank just after all their cash left in an armored truck so they didn’t have any to take, you can’t claim that therefore you didn’t do anything wrong. How many people are now in jail for planning terrorist attacks that never had any chance of coming to fruition?


He’s dumb. Most criminals are dumb. Doesn’t mean he didn’t break the law. And ignorance is no excuse.


I am afraid that trump was correct when he said he could shoot someone on 5th ave and lose no support. And so far that seems to be the truth. When you start using the they are too incompetent to do something bad, then anything can be accepted by the right.

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On any sane planet, his withdrawal from the Paris Accords would be seen as even more indefensible.


"The Moron Defense"

Something each American voter for Trump and the Republicans could invoke.

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So is kidnapping and child abuse.


He’s not criminal cunning, he’s a bully and the senators let him get away with it because he’s giving them what they want, control of the Judicial Branch, for life.


Moron defense? If that was a real defense then about 90% of the politicians could easily use that for the many questionable things they do. Republicans are not going to use the dummy defense I assure you. They are going to show the American people that irrespective of his actions you can’t impeach a President for playing loose with the Office of the President. I can only imagine if we played every recording of every Presidential call that we have on file we would be shocked at how lame this really is. This has been a relentless non-stop attack from day 1. The whistleblower’s lawyer said the day of the election, “the coup begins”. Isn’t it funny how he just happened to become the lawyer of the whistleblower? People really need to calm down and let elections choose Presidents. Not a few members of Congress.

The only reasons a person likes trump is either: they are the same way (liar, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, tax cheater, draft dodger etc), they want to be that way or he’s is doing something for you that negates all his bad behavior. The Senators are doing it because they want to have ultraconservatives control the Judicial Branch and have regulations rolled back (regardless of the environmental impact) and have almost achieved that goal. Once they get that, they will turn on him with a vengeance.