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Looks Like GOP Might Run With the Trump's "a Moron Defense"

Withdrawal from the Paris Accords per se is no big deal;  they amount to little more than sugges­tions — and very inadequate suggestions at that.  What’s indefensible is his support of pipelines and fracking and the opening up of public lands to oil exploration and mining, etc.

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“If the shoe fits…”

Welcome Jpony,

Interesting way to look at matters.

Then again, David did slay Goliath.

Goliath got too full of himself, didn’t he? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


Isn’t it funny how Trump and the then Republican controlled Congress legislated the gift of $1-1/2 Trillion to the top 1%?

They’re all crooks of the worst kind and they somehow find people that worship their upfront criminality and corruption.

I, for one can’t figure out why these enablers believe they have something in common with these crooks.

The only thing I keep coming up with is, they must have been beaten as children, perhaps very badly, so, they had to learn how to hate.

Hate what you say?

Does it really matter what?

Once a human being learns to hate anything, it’s indelibly obvious that that person’s life will be permantly altered to living that emotion for the rest of their life. Often

Just sayin’.

And welcome to Common Dreams.

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