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Looks Like Israel Was Caught Spying on Capitol Hill Cell Phones and Trump Was Fine With It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/13/looks-israel-was-caught-spying-capitol-hill-cell-phones-and-trump-was-fine-it


I don’t think much of zionists. I think Israel itself might be okay, sorta but it is the zionists that are wacko. Spies? There are so many spies from so many places, it makes them a joke, deadly sometimes, but a joke. They have even been greeted with great warmth and cheer into the Oval Office, remember that? Secrets? The only secret that means anything is way is His Grossness still in the White House.

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Why do we need a US Military to allegedly “protect us” when a third of US voters are ecstatic to support a POTUS that is undermining us from within ?


Remember kids, it is those dastardly russians and their facebook ads that are the real problem.


“And like Trump supporters, many Israel boosters are fine with murder.”

This would mean that literally 10s of millions of people in the United States are fine with murder.

I got censored on Commondreams for merely implying something remotely similar.


The US has a long history of corporate sponsored murder at home and abroad.

Military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) propaganda soft sells mass murder, often with euphemisms. Examples include relabeling civilian deaths as “collateral damage”, and describing an Army battalion’s mission to “quell domestic disturbances”.


"Cut Them Off!"

No more money or weapons.


“Netanyahu denies Israel is spying” Yeah, right! - know a pathological liar by when their lips are moving!

Any top-level US Gov representative, especially the Israeli asslicker in chief, that tolerated, intentionally withheld knowledge, or evidence of, Israeli spying should rightly be considered treasonous at the very least!

The history of Israeli spying, planting or providing forged documents, false “intel”, open warmongering designed to get the US into ME/NA wars, and false-flag ops against the US and our interests are numerous! The most blatant example is the Israeli intentional attack on the USS Liberty killing or wounding over 200 US Navy personnel!

The convicted spy Jonathan Pollard - “The damage (from this latest revelation) could be as great as that sustained during spy-for-pay Jonathan Jay Pollard’s blatant military codes, plans and secret-stealing rampage of the 1980s. And probably greater than Israel’s stealing not only of U.S. nuclear secrets in the 1960s, but even of American enriched uranium via an Israel-controlled contracting firm in Apollo, Pennsylvania.”

There is the heinous case of alleged fore-knowledge by Mossad of the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut killing 241 Americans - ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky made the claim in his book: By Way of Deception

The Fifth Column AIPAC working for Israeli interests and blatent subversion of Congress and current WH should make people realize right-wing extremist/racist Israel is NOT the friend to America, they only use us and our over $5 Billion in annual so-called “aid”!

Any nation that tolerates such a pattern of overt subversive actions by a foreign power and does nothing about it, is is serious jeopardy of losing their sovereignty!!

https://www.counterpunch.org/2003/08/01/israel-yellowcake-and-the-media/ - Who forged the letters that sucked us into (the Iraq) war?


according to the Politico article, Sen. Ron Wyden was informed of this situation.

Well, Ron, you got the balls to stand up to AIPAC?


Wyden is in bed with AIPAC and all the other Israel-first orgs-- he’s in total agreement with their tactics, and has absolutely no interest in challenging them.


Screw Caligula. What do Nancy, Chuckles and the rest of the 3rd Way 'leadership have to say about it?


Interesting thread today from Suzie Dawson on outlawing all spies. I’m not sure if she only means U.S. spies. She calls for a global movement, so I think she means all spies.

She’s from New Zealand, and yes I believe he means all spies. She has hit the nail on the head (and must now watch her back), except in rare instances, spies are actually nothing more than muscle men for corporate interests, and that’s all they’ve been all along.

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Wyden a stooge for Israel. No sure whether he holds duel citizenship. No way would he ever stand up and tell the truth about what he knows (or doesn’t). But Oregon voters will never know the truth about Wyden and will continue to vote for him to hold his Senate seat. I have known the truth for a very long time and NEVER vote for him.


Just like the US military all over the world for the last 100* years. Smedley Butler was right but nobody listened and forgot all that history that he wrote and spoke about.


Your statement about Butler is correct, and for a while, after the CIA received their charter in 1947, the military was used less than today and during Butlers time for these type of actions. Few understand the Marine Corps was/is in a unique position compared to other branches of the military, in all of this. The MC has seen many more deployments than the others, this was Butlers point. During my time (1979-1985), the MC could be used by the President anywhere in the world for 90 days without congressional approval (I’m not sure what the time frame is today). These deployments were used for what the CIA and other spy agencies have done since their inception. I believe Butlers book is the reason for the push by Wall Street and American corporations to give the CIA their charter, he exposed these actions, the CIA allowed them to be hidden from the citizens.


Here’s some background on the Zionist movement that may make you think even less of them. Israel is a project of war profiteering, predatory bankers, well-masked.

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Thanks for this article. It fits seamlessly with Whitney Webb’s article on Israel’s infiltration of our software systems to attain total surveillance and control.
“How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare”


Thanks. Mint Press has been putting out some really good stuff of late.

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Thank you, I remember the story of the man who’s brainchild was Zionism. I forget his name but not the story.