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'Looks Like the Crazy Lady Has Logged On': Rep. Ilhan Omar Welcomes QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene to Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/20/looks-crazy-lady-has-logged-rep-ilhan-omar-welcomes-qanon-conspiracy-theorist


That’s how they operate. Normalize; Normalize, Rationalize, Generalize, and Scandalize. That’s what they are good at.


Solid stand up and fight back, don’t let these slime slingers sling their slime without hard responses.


From the article:

“… the Squad also gained new members this cycle, with the victories of progressive Representatives-elect Jamaal Bowman and Mondaire Jones, both of New York, Cori Bush of Missouri, and Marie Newman of Illinois.”

The expanded Squad should include Pramila Jayapal of WA, elected ahead of the curve in 2016 and now sole chair of the reformed and toughened House Progressive Caucus. That makes nine, to continue exponential expansion in 2022. Run real progressives in every primary.

Jayapal should be Speaker of the House.


Bravo to Omar. To see a crazy Q-Anon nut in Congress is to see how dangerous Trump and his cult are, and how far gone America really is.


Hey, Ilhan, how does it feel to belong to a party whose leadership likely has more policy disagreements with you than with MTG? Btw, how did you vote on Pelosi retaining her role as House leader? It’s a lot easier lobbing grenades at Republicans than your own party, I imagine.

Until you attack your own party with the same vigor and determination that you attack Republicans with, I will view this as little more than partisan preening for the dumb masses.




You saw the Squad protest at DNC headquarters this week, yes?


I saw them sheepherding young progressives into a conservative party. I saw them shilling to get Biden elected, who, in many ways is actually to the frigging right of Trump. I saw them pass the CARES Act, the largest upwards transfer of wealth in history while getting d!ck for the people. I saw them vote for Pelosi as speaker - twice. I saw them scapegoating Republicans for the Act, while giving House leadership a pass. I saw them, along with Sanders, squander the last four years towing the fake Democratic unity bs, instead of breaking rank with Dems to establish a viable 3rd party. Their “project,” to the extent it is genuine and has not become just another obstacle in arriving at viable solutions to the multiple crises we are facing, has been an abject failure due to lack of courage, vision and, to be frank, p!ss poor tactics.


Liberals in DP are attacking the Dem Party and its “private club” philosophy
which gave us Hillary and Biden instead of BERNIE SANDERS … which is
where we should be.

The problem isn’t only Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer supporting corporate-fascist
candidates and recruiting them over decades, the problem is also with Koch Family
dual ownership of Dem Party … and GOP … for a win/win.

The SQUAD has done more to attract new support of liberals back to the Dem Party
and they do it all under constant threat of fascist attacks on them – including physical

The seeds for fascism among democracies was laid even before the end of WWII –
post-Stalingrad when the Third Reich was moved to the US by Allen Dulles/Prescott
Bush for Elites with help of Vatican – and to other fascist areas around the world where
we also recognize these “hot” spots and the danger they represent to democracy here
and everywhere democracies exist.

For any who may be interested – a repeat –

See: Operation Mockingbird — scroll down to “History” — which was being drafted two years before the end of WWII.

Intended to take our free press, they recruited Phil Graham/Washington Post for his social contacts with other wealthy owners of media. No one is sure whether violence was used in the beginning or threats – but Phil Graham did end up a suicide – or was “suicide-d.”

See: Operation Paperclip — Wiki’s figures are low — more likely 200,000 according to Kay Griggs/YouTube.

They were used to found the CIA, funneled into the FBI and into other government agencies, and to “hot” spots around the world for eventual rise of the Fourth Reich. Not until 1976 did Carl Bernstein write an article for Rolling Stone reporting on Paperclip and CIA “journalists.” You can read it on the internet – “CIA & MEDIA”

See: Operation Gladio — US program to keep right wing governments in place in the countries over which they had control after WWII — Germany, Japan, Italy. In Italy, US actually resurrected the MAFIA in order to ensure the plan would be carried out. CIA also immediately began to run drugs and guns there, laundering the money via the Vatican and using the money to create “insurrections” in Italy to be blamed on Italian government. Note also that immediately our former enemies – Japan and Germany – both rose as world economic powers.

These are the long secret programs which have delivered FASCISM to US. Plus 50 years of Americans voting on hackable electronic voting computers which came in about 1967 and immediately began reporting odd and unbelievable right wing wins. Same for the large computers which came in about 1965 used by MSM and which were allowed to report “winners” based on 1% or even 0% of the computer estimated vote. Actually, prior to the computers, MSM was only permitted to call “winners” based on ACTUAL VOTES TALLIED.

Currently, we have seen the difference as after 2000, Americans decided that they needed
Granted they can still be stolen but in the old fashioned sense where it has to be done physically
and they need to be disposed of … but not as easily as with computer votes moving thru the air,
hackable over telephone lines and satellites.


There are such chasms in the body politic as I have not seen since I began voting with Jimmy Carter. How can we heal them? Should we even try? Should we attempt a détante with people whose ideas seem so alien, or should we encourage the Balkanization in progress and just go our own way without them - the other half of us?


With the vast numbers of “crazies” living and breathing in this nation of ours today, how is one who believes in Democratic processes to approach their delusional beliefs in a man who has conned them into believing his multitude of lies?


Nice to see my favorite Democrat still swinging. Good for you, sister Ilhan.

A fitting successor to sister McKinney.


Well, our very consciousness is proof of a force of some sort, a force with direction, (evolution) that is behind all things. The trouble we seem to be having is that humans use their organized religion control and manipulate other humans, for their own purposes, small minded animals that we are.


I guess you weren’t around in the 60s. The divide in the Democratic Party was so bad it led to Johnson’s decision to hang up his spurs. The theft of Eugene McCarthy’s nomination by the DNC in favor of Hubert Humphrey led to a war on Chicago streets and the election of Nixon. It isn’t that the Democratic Party hasn’t been divided before, it’s that they never learn a damned thing from the experience so are doomed to repeat past mistakes.


The very things that would rescue people from the “dark side,” things like Medicare-4-All, a Green New Deal, economic reforms, etc., are the very things the Democratic Party refuses to support. People are desperate and looking for answers and, unfortunately, there are always immoral tricksters willing to take that anger and funnel it in directions that are not good for society.


They’ve been in office two years.

So you’re just further in despair that Omar is so outspoken on behalf of all of us. Her using her power to defeat Trump just proves even more how horrible she is. Why do you bother?


Give me a break. The Democratic Party at its worst is nowhere near as stupid, irrational, dangerous, cultish, virulent, violent and crazy as the Q-Anon Trump cult and cultist this article is about.
The Democratic Party doesn’t have politicians like Greene who believe the earth is flat, the moon landings were faked, and Hillary ruins a pedophile ring from the basement of a pizza parlor.
The Democratic Party hasn’t called for Omar’s death, calling her a Muslim terrorist.
The Democratic Party isn’t trying to install a faux-Christian theocracy.
The Democratic Party isn’t led by America’s Mussolini.
The Democratic Party isn’t led by a con man who has publicly stated his LOVE and admiration for Kim Jong Un, Putin, Bolsonaro, Duterte, MBS and other despots.
The Democratic Party isn’t trying to get rid of Roe v Wade so Omar and other women would be forced to gestate and birth the children of rape and incest.
The Democratic Party isn’t having a war on science and scientists, gutting federal environmental and health/safety agencies.
The Democratic Party isn’t destroying our public lands, parks, national monuments, wildlife refuges.
The Democratic Party isn’t stacking federal courts and SCOTUS with right-wing fascist judges.
The Democratic Party isn’t engaged in an effort to sabotage elections and overturn the valid results of the 2020 election.
The Democratic Party isn’t encouraging and praising armed militias, insurgencies, and murderers like Kyle Rittenhouse.
The Democratic Party isn’t blocking all legislation for COVID relief.
The Democratic Party has nearly 100 members in Congress who call themselves progressive; the GOP has NONE!
So until you attack Trump, Q-Anon, and the GOP with much more urgency and vehemence than you attack Pelosi and other Democrats with, your comment is little more than an inaccurate, ludicrous attempt to deflect attention away from the unprecedented threat that Trump and his minions pose to Omar and the world.
Get a conscience and a clue.


I may be naive but I simply cannot fathom how these wackazoids like Marjorie Greene get to walk around free much less get elected.


Those might be true of the DINO’s, but not the progressives at all.