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Lord Mayor of UK's Fourth Largest City Offers 5 Reasons Why "Wasteman" Trump Officially Banned

Lord Mayor of UK's Fourth Largest City Offers 5 Reasons Why "Wasteman" Trump Officially Banned

Jon Queally, staff writer

With nationwide protests in the U.K. already planned in anticipation of a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump later this summer, the mayor of the country's fourth largest city on Wednesday announced a council meeting that Trump—being the "wasteman" that he is—would not be welcome in Sheffield.

At a city council meeting reportedly filled to capacity, Lord Mayor Magid Magid told his fellow local lawmakers and town residents that Trump was "banned" from the city, citing numerous violations of decency and morality.


Not just Sheffield.


Tell it like it is Lord Mayor Magid Magid!

This is the kind of true straight-forward denunciation of the ginger Mussolini and his policies we need from American politicians!

No more pussy-footing around how trump has savaged people and environmental protection issues unleashed on America - and the world! Everything, every issue he has touched has been a reflection of his diseased mind and monumental ignorance! A person so enamored with his own “superiority” and “intelligence” he is beyond reason! A true “malignant narcissist” who can barely put words together in a coherent sentence…especially without repeating words and himself.

The phony BS of being “nice” in the face of such mindless destruction of so much and bringing harm to so many, personally and via his cabinet appointees, must outweigh the false “my good friend” DC “decorum” and “civility”! As others have written, trump & co have forfeited the right to any such civility!

What we do get from politicians with very few exceptions is complacency, complicity, collusion, cowardice, and craven silence! So much for an “opposition” party and “leaders”…


I love the poorly educated.
–Donald Trump

Not so fond of the poorly empathetic.
–Lord Mayor Magid Magid


The UK has got its own white nationalism problem but it is encouraging to see a mayor in the UK taking on white nationalism in this way. The backlash against the type of hate that Trump and other demagogues have stirred up to gain political power needs to increase.

Lord Mayor Magid Magid sez: 5 Reasons (of thousands) Why Donald Trump Is a WASTEMAN!

  1. For issuing his ridiculous, racist ‘Muslim-ban’
  2. For stupidly withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement
  3. For mindlessly moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem
  4. For enforcing the imprisonment of children at borders
  5. For defending the violence and actions of White Supremacists

The Lord Mayor shows remarkable restraint in limiting this itemized list to five entries (admittedly, the ‘of thousands’ is acknowledged parenthetically).

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With all due respect to Lord Mayor Magid Magid, shouldn’t that be “Waistman?” Otherwise agreed.

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Excellent message: Some things and people should not be tolerated.

This on Trump supporters:

Nah, a waste of all that white meat…or is it adipose?

We prefer to call it “marbling.” Lots and lots of marbling.

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"The mayor entered a council session with his mayoral chains, dressed in a sombrero "

Talk about tolerance and acceptance… can you imagine a US mayor or any government official walking into meeting wearing a sombrero? You’d never hear the end of it.

Also, good thing the British equivalent of the ACLU didn’t catch wind of the fact " that Trump was “banned” from the city, citing numerous violations of decency and morality.". We recently had case here in the US that got to the supreme court about a guy using his own views morality to refuse service to some customers (not sound business decision BTW, but hey, it was his business)

Liposuction his brain! Oh, and his marbled gut too!

President Trash has no virtue at all.

Very brave and commendable, especially considering that England has been America’s most loyal lapdog for over a century. Could be fun watching the rest of england’s establishment scrambling to assuage their “special ally”.

So it looks like the anti-Trump resistance is much further along in a country across 3000 miles of sea than it is in the USA itself. Anybody see something wrong with this picture?

Well said…

I confess I do not know what a wasteman is, it’s not in my computer’s dictionary, but here’s urban dictionary.com"s def: insult - someone who does nothin with their life (or nothing much).