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'Lordy, I Hope There Are Tapes': Best Tweets From Comey's First Hour

'Lordy, I Hope There Are Tapes': Best Tweets From Comey's First Hour

Common Dreams staff

In his highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey took direct aim at President Donald Trump as he recounted in great detail the interactions that culminated in his firing.

Here are some of the best social media reactions from the first hour of testimony and questioning:

Anyone keeping a count of how many times Comey calls Trump a liar in this hearing? We're at like 3, right?

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Best answer, to me, by Mr. Comey. Paraphrased: If Hillary had become POTUS, she would probably have done something similar as Trump, about investigating her emails.

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While I was here at CD catching up on articles posted today, had the hearing on. John McCain just made a national public appeal that he should in fact be committed to a managed care facility, and should no longer be lingering in the halls of the US Senate.


Yes, and I think the Chair shortened his alloted time.

This sounds like a very interesting post. However it is not clear enough to be sure. Exactly who is it, McCain claims should be committed, Trump or Comey?
Any reference to this quote?

Who should be committed – the tiny-fisted prictator or Comey?

DC has become so corrupt that anybody who is not so repulsed by DC that they stay for more than six months is likely guilty of a crime.

Your only “friends” in DC are those who want something from you.

Its like Harry Truman said: “if you want a real friend in DC, get a dog”.

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McCain is the only GOP Senator criticizing Trump because McCain has no intention of running for re-election. Hew knows he is ready to retire.

So, what was with Senator McCain.

This is a bread and circus sideshow, a distraction for those who still believe the system is basically sound but needs a correction. It isn’t.

I did not hear anything about committing anybody in this clip. But McCain’s confusion came across loud and clear. I suspect, that he is a victim of Alzheimer’s or some other cerebro-degenerative disease.
He appeared unable to distinguish between 2 completely different investigations

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That investigation was closed in July. It’s moot.
Comey closed it and said that again today.
Trump bait, you bit.


Sorry for the imprecise language. John McCain just made a fool of himself.

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Sorry for the imprecise language. John McCain just made a fool of himself. I’d just leave it at that bu CD tells me I’m not allowed to repeat myself.

well, maybe he can finally be the president. we seem attracted to candidates who struggle to eat their pureed carrots.


I laughed out loud at your comment. Best of the day! Thank you for that.

If that’s your idea of a circus I’d hate to go to a Pink Floyd concert with you. Comey released his statements yesterday. It was like seeing a DVD of the concert you’re going attend the day before you actually go.
It was done to prevent a circus, not create one.

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Interesting observation. Since reading Comey’s letter here yesterday (very carefully and very slowly) I’ve had many questions. Is this (letter) unusual or commonplace for persons appearing before Congressional hearings? Was he attempting to proscribe the limits of inquiry for when he appeared in person (and if so, very foolish man)? Will the investigative committee follow up on Comey’s statements that he shared, at every juncture, his memos and concerns of those meetings and conversations with senior staff at DOJ and FBI? Also (will the committee) follow up concerning his statements and requests to Jeff Sessions?

It is consoling that at least some here understood that comment as dark humor. It’s not as if I wholly omitted context.

The citizens of Arizona though are probably not laughing at today’s returns.