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Loser! In 2020 Trump vs. Sanders Match-Up, Bernie Beats Donald Bigly


Loser! In 2020 Trump vs. Sanders Match-Up, Bernie Beats Donald Bigly

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Donald Trump is already laying the groundwork for a second bid for the White House, but a new survey shows the deeply unpopular president losing big time in hypothetical match-ups against a number of other potential 2020 presidential hopefuls.


I wish they had included Hillary Clinton in the poll just to remind the awful DNC and corporate Dems that she’d still lose. Sanders/Gabbard 2020


Yes, Sanders/Gabbard 2020 Peoples Progressive Party (PPP). If he runs as a Dem he’ll get screwed again as will we all.


Gee… there’s one big issue with this poll. It doesn’t in any way reflect the actual demographics of the voting population.

When you dig into the details, it shows:

  1. people voted Hillary over Trump 43-39 with 17% voting for someone else (actual results, 48% - 46% - 6%)
  2. 41% Democrat, 31% Republican 29% independent (actual #s 31% - 29% - 38%)

Just for starters… So it’s basically crap.


PPP results are always skewed in favour of the Democratic establishment and to the detriment of Bernie Sanders.

How? Because the PP polls always over-represent Democrats and under-represent Independents - a strong source of support for Bernie Sanders.

The results of this poll show Bernie Sanders beating Trump, but not by much more than Biden or Warren. This is simply counterfactual.

In this poll, Democrats are the largest group by far, over-represented by almost 50% over what they should be.

Q72 If you are a Democrat, press 1. If a Republican, press 2. If you are an independent or identify with another party, press 3.
Democrat … 41% (28% actual*)
Republican … 31% (28% Actual*)
Independent / Other…29% (41% Actual*)

*Gallup poll Aug 2-6 2017


Wall Street and the banksters will prevail next time, just as they did with Don this time.
It’s clear that they run the show; ultimately, it doesn’t really matter who is president.


Uh President Trumptard, it takes one to know one! But hey, your decision to surge in Afghanistan [again?] at least shows you have some of the intelligence of Obama … OMG, you 2 are brothers from other mothers!!!


The polls said Hillary would win and she did get 3 million more votes. But the areas targeted by not only the GOP but the Russians were the gerrymandered districts where they could mess with the registrations, the voting equipment and the actual voting itself. The fix is in. Until you clean up your state so there is some hope of an honest vote forget about it. A red state owned by the Kochs will not let you clean it up. The GOP House is only because of gerrymanders. The GOP SCOTUS is only because McConnell stole the seat and shut down Obama. The GOP Congress is due to big money owning the system. The sheeple do not count when capitalism owns the system and prefers not to mess with democracy.
Bernie was not going to win even if the Russians made sure to spread the hillary hate strong on the Bernie lovers who sat on their high horse and let the Nazi’s win…


" It really does not matter who is President".

That is the crux of the problem. Like I have posted before: Presidents are not elected; they are selected in a dog and pony show for the masses, called and election for POTUS. If nothing else, Bernie proved he was not selected. The only exception was JFK who was also selected, but turned on his selectors and was called a ruthless traitor by his selectors.


Look, she’d win in the poll…

… just like she won in every poll before she lost in the election.


Bernie/Liz Progressive Democrats 2020 would be a winning combination.


Taking into account that third parties usually get less than 1% of the vote, in which party would they have the best chance of winning, a People’s Progressive Party, or as Progressive Democrats?


Provide one ounce of proof that the Russians did this. Just one ounce.


We need to focus on the mid-terms first in 2018… just around the corner! We need to flip as many House and Senate seats as possible so we can castrate and “nut” the Idiot-in-Chief!


“the poll shows the public with far more trust in major corporate media outlets than in the president”

The public gets that right. But to think that anyone out there trusts Trump more than the media is concerning. After all this is the guy who brought all those Goldman-Sachs people into his administration after campaigning that he wouldn’t.


JFK paid the price for going against the wishes of TPTB.


Good question. Not new news, but one of the reasons that progressives don’t fare better is that there aren’t enough of us. The average Democrat, imo, is certainly not a progressive.


Provide one ounce of proof that they did not. I watch Democracy Now every day. Experts on Russia and how they operate everywhere name where they go which is where their needs can be used the best. Young voters could have elected Hillary just like they elected Corbyn in the UK. But they got the Hillary Hate big time and sat it out. Or voted Green. Other places the Russians probably went were the NRA guns for everyone and the violent anti-abortion groups. They want chaos and they got the white supremacist Nazis. Did you not know Hillary Hate had been used for 30 years by the GOP and especially their evangelicals like the Falwells? Or that the Hillary Hate were mostly lies? Got you I guess.


Those “3 million” votes that Hillary supporters crow about were almost totally in California.


Terrible logic.

Those who assert a proposition are required to provide proof. To respond to the question for proof with, “Well, can you prove it’s not so?” is asking to prove a negative, which is impossible and considered a logical fallacy.

Again I ask you to provide one ounce of proof. I’ll make it better. Provide one gram.

And the rightwing Hillary Hate assertions are not at all the same thing as the facts about her that cause us on the Left to despise her. The right lies about her and ignores the things that we despise.

The right doesn’t care that she supports Israel’s frequent ‘mowing the lawn’ in Gaza. The right doesn’t care that she supported tearing down the wall of separation between the regular banks and the investment gambling ones. The right doesn’t care that she was all law & order in the 90s to increase the prison industry. The right doesn’t care that she supports fracking. The right doesn’t care that she supported and convinced other Democrats to back Bush’s horrid wars.

I won’t assert I got you, because I don’t know if I did.